Snowed in at Skeikampen

We spent the weekend at Skeikampen Ski Resort. After having such a fab weekend at Hafjell last week, we were a bit discouraged looking at the weather reports for this weekend. The forecast was snow, wind, fog and temperatures around – 10.

As we arrived, we saw that the lift to the top of the mountain was closed, and the guy selling lift passes told us that it probably would be the whole weekend due to the weather. It was a bummer, but honestly, we could not blame them. The weather was every bit as uninviting as predicted.

Making the best of the situation we had a lot of fun skiing in the slopes close to the cabin and my wife and her sister even did a couple of cross country skiing laps. We had good food, watched the olympics, played with our son, and I even got to do a bit of photography as you can see below.

There was a lot of shovelling snow from the rooftops of the surrounding cabins going on, and we talked about being happy that we did not own a cabin this winter, as it would have been too much to take on with all the maintenance following the huge snowfalls we’ve had.

All in all we had another terrific weekend mini-break, and I felt really blessed to be able to enjoy it with my family. It really is amazing how far I’ve come since my injury when it comes to getting my active lifestyle back. And for that I’m truly thankful.

This week I have some product photography coming up, and I’m really looking forward to it! I wish you all the best of weeks, and hope you like the images from wintery Skeikampen! If you do, please hit the like button, it really does make a difference to me. And make sure to subscribe if you aren’t already, so you don’t miss out on posts to come!





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