I promise I’ll do better

I just got home from work, and on the bus home I swore I would never sit at a desk ever again. Not because I don’t like my work, or working at computers, but because my body felt like shit. And that’s just the way it is some days, right?

The last few weeks, or let’s be honest; since Christmas, I have not been posting very often. I have had so much to do at work, so I have not been able to find motivation to sit myself in front of the computer again once home. And it’s been kind of frustrating because I really have had the inspiration and a lot of ideas for posts, but I just have not been able to find the time and energy to sit down and create. I should also mention that I’ve had a lot of fun on my schedule, so it has most definitely not been all work and no play.

Creating and sharing, photographing and posting, it has become an important part of my life. I enjoy putting stuff out there, and I love to get feedback and get to know new people doing it. So I’m picking up the pace again, and I’m going to post twice a week as planned. It’s going to be bimonthly “Around here” posts, portfolio updates whenever I have images I’m excited about, musings and healing updates. All familiar and nice. But I’m also going to add some new posts that will be short and sweet; MonochromeMonday, TimelapseTuesday, WordlessWednesday, ThrowbackThursday and SharingSaturday are all going to show up every now and then. If you have ideas for Friday or Sunday, please share in the comments section down below.

TimelapseTuesday is something I’m really looking forward to exploring. I have not done any time lapses before, but attempted the first this weekend. Let’s just say it’s not worth sharing. I’m not only sharing my best work here in the blog, but I most certainly am going to share something better the first time I post a time lapse.

Leaving you with some wintery images that I hope you enjoy, and wishing you the very best of weeks! Please remember to hit the like button if you like this post, and make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on the many posts to come!




3 thoughts on “I promise I’ll do better

  1. Fab pictures. Totally understand when having been sat at a computer all day you haven’t had time for more. I felt like that when I was working. Now I’m spending lots of time looking for work I feel the same. No time for much and I’m constantly behind.

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