I’m SO ready for spring

This winter seems to be never-ending. It started snowing in the very beginning of December last year, and it has hardly stopped. Don’t misunderstand; I’m a child of the winter and I love skiing and playing around in the snow. I love the beautiful winter light and how all sounds are muted by snow. I’m so happy that we still get to have these long, amazing winters that I remember from my childhood. And it really has been a while since we’ve had one like the one we are currently experiencing. But I am ready for it to come to an end now.

I want it to stop before I get enough, and I’m getting close. I want to be able to welcome it with open arms, joy and excitement again in eight months. I want to feel like it can’t come soon enough. I want to smell the first frosty mornings and to hear the sound of the first snowfall. But that’s in December, maybe even November, just no now. I’m so ready for spring.

I’m ready for birds singing, green mousey leaves on the birch, grass getting greener every day, sitting at our porch enjoying the warmth of the sun after having tended to the garden. I’m ready for sneakers and light jackets. I’m ready for soccer, playing in the sandbox and riding the bike with my son. I’m ready for hearing him laugh and ask for more airtime at the swings. I’m ready to smell the smell of dirt. I’m just so ready for spring.







6 thoughts on “I’m SO ready for spring

  1. ❤. Den er her og sikkert på veg til Lekeparkveien også❤. Og uansett….snart er det påske og då skal vi nyte både snø under skia, høyre fuglesongkoret, sjå dei første krokusane og ha på oss ” neaførskoa” i vårsola. Klem🐣🌞🌿🥀!

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