An evening of inspiration

So, yesterday I left Hamar and spent the evening in Oslo listening to two amazing photographers and shooting some street shots in between their talks. It’s great to hear how other photographers think and work, what makes them go for a project and how they feel about projects that don’t turn out how they had expected. Like Thomas Morels thoughts about how sometimes good enough has to be good enough in order for one not to exhaust oneself through every project. Or Kyle Meyrs RADventure. Inspiring indeed!

We are leaving for our easter-holiday tomorrow. More than a week of family fun-time awaits, and I’m really looking forward to it. Going away also means no computer, as I do not currently own a laptop. But I will try to post snapshots every few days, and you can expect a lot of images of mountains, fjords and adventures big and small when I get back! As for now I leave you with some street shots from yesterday. I hope you like them and that you give me a thumbs up if you do!


3 thoughts on “An evening of inspiration

  1. Du er så flink pusen! ❤️ En av de mange tingene jeg elsker deg for er at du har lidenskap og engasjement. Og hvordan du har investert i å lære deg å fotografere beviser virkelig det. ❤️ Jeg er så stolt av deg!

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