Around here – it’s almost spring

Ok, so I have just sat down at my Mac for the first time in almost two weeks. We’ve been away for easter spending most of our days outside and our nights catching up and enjoying the company of family. If you have not caught my short posts with snapshots from the week, I suggest you go check them out (part 1, part 2, part 3). With no further adue, since my last update I’ve been;

  • Shooting a lot of product photograpy. To be more accurate, I’m shooting product shots of jewellery for Sigrun Sophia Svendsen of Bella Sophia Jewellery. It really is a challenge getting all the details to pop and minimizing bad reflections, so this task has had me working a lot. Looking forward to seeing the final results in the not so far future. I also did a few product shots of my photography equipment, you can check them out in the post about what’s in my camera bag currently.
  • Skiing more than the last few seasons combined. I think I have had 14-16 days skiing this season. Looking back a couple of years, I did not think I would ever ski properly again, so I feel so happy to be back in the slopes at least. Still find it really challenging to go offpiste, as I don’t have the same control as I used to, but I consider that a minor loss compared to not being able to ski at all!
  • Waiting for spring and the gardening season. I have watched countless gardening shows, read gardening magazines and books, planned this years projects in the garden and just waited for the snow to start melting. Today I actually sowed tomatoes, cucumbers and chilis to get them a good head start in our kitchen, and I’m just really hoping that snow will be gone before I have to get them in the ground in May.

So that’s a short update. I’m going to leave you with some images I’ve shot since my last update, and I really hope you like them! If you do, make sure to hit the like button, leave a comment below and subscribe so you don’t miss out on posts to come!









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