An hour in solitude

I really like spending time by myself. It’s not that I don’t like people. It’s not that I’m not a very social person. It’s just that I need time to process, to think, to understand and to settle my mind. I truly appreciate all the time I spend with other people. But I get a bit overwhelmed if I don’t have the time to really take all the conversations and things we do or see in and process them. And so every now and then I make sure I get that hour in solitude.

Some of these hours I spend walking or hiking. Some of them I spend sitting in the sun or meditating. Some of them I spend writing, painting or drawing. And a lot of them I spend with my camera. I think that may be why I love landscape photography so much. Because it lends a perfect opportunity for some solitude. And I find that I make some of my best images when, after not having the opportunity for a while, I finally get to spend an hour in nature by myself. The release of all the impressions that I have carried inside kind of shows in the images that become my personal favourites. That’s when the magic happens for me. That’s what I’m always searching for.

Todays images are not any of my best images though. Those don’t come around very often. But I am sharing some images that I captured during one of the hours of solitude that I had this easter. They are all shot in one of my very favourite locations; Fausa. I hope you like them and feel the calm and silence I experienced capturing them. And if you are like me a person that needs some solitude every now and then, I really hope you make room for it.



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