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2019 in review – Another year over

About a year ago I wrote a post about my goals for 2019 and the years to come. Now that another year has passed, a new one has just begun, and it’s time to look at 2019 in review. Did I reach my goals for the year? What was the moments to remember? How about my favorite image of 2019? And did I face any challenges? All this and more if you continue reading!

Another year over – Did I reach my goals? 2019 in review

My focus for 2019 was to spend time in nature with my boys. We really have had a lot of time together hiking, biking, swimming, having dinner and just playing out in nature. We have prioritized the “small” and local adventures, and we have found that they are more than exciting enough as long as we’re adventuring and exploring together. Reaching the goal of dinner in nature three Wednesdays a month proved to be more difficult than anticipated, however we have had dinner outside as often as we found possible. And we’ve enjoyed it so much that we are making dinner in nature a project for 2020 as well.

I did manage to take my oldest son for a mini break. Monthly date nights with my wife did not happen though. Not that we didn’t want them to happen, we just didn’t have a babysitter all year. Nonetheless the intention was good, and we will make this a focus in 2020 as well.

Healthwise I almost managed to stick with the routine I had set for myself. Meditating every day did not happen, but several days each week until August. The last five months this year was crazy busy and let’s just say I’ll have to do better at prioritizing my health in 2020 than I did those last few months of 2019.

The blog was updated fairly regularly for almost 10 months. Then it all went downhill. I just didn’t find time or energy to be consistent enough. One thing I did manage to do though, was spending two whole weeks focusing on creating. And I uploaded my first videos to YouTube. I’m feeling sure about one thing; I have to stick with creating and keep prioritizing the time to do just that in 2020 as well.

Looking back, I think I actually did fairly well in reaching the goals I had set for myself for 2019. Or what do you say?

The moments to remember

Looking at 2019 in review, it was a really good year for both myself and my family. There are so many moments to remember. Some of the were captured in camera, others remain strong memories within.


My favorite image of 2019

My favorite image of 2019 was captured over the summer. I did a lot of photography this summer, as I took part in Canon Nordics #24hoursofnorth. Focusing so much on what I love to do gave me energy and a feeling of being home and grounded in myself. I think that feeling says it all about why creating is so important to me.

The image was captured at Savalen, and I loved it not for its technical perfections but for the story it tells. To me it’s a story of a long life together with the one you love, still wanting to sit close and enjoy sunset after many years. I do not know the couple, maybe they just met, but in my imagination this is the story the image tells. #couplegoals right?

Some challenges were faced

2019 was not the year where I faced the biggest challenges, but it wasn’t just smooth sailings nonetheless.

The biggest challenge for me was staying motivated for my day job. My workplace has seen a lot of changes since I took the job there and more are to come. I see that these changes can be really good and a lot of them are crucial to make sure we don’t stagnate. However I’ve felt like I’m not being given the possibility to contribute in the best way I can, and that has given my motivation a real hit. I do my job, try to find challenging and interesting tasks where I can and give it my best at whatever I get to do, but still feel a bit held back and demotivated. I hope this feeling will turn in 2020, while I’m also thinking about what to do if it doesn’t.

Apart from the work thing, my biggest challenge in 2019 was to manage my time in a way that it’s not all about the routine. There’s so many things I have to do every day. To find time to do the things I want to do is challenging. However when I do find the time, it tastes so much sweeter than it would have if I got to do the “wants” all the time.

2019 in review – the video edit

I’ve made a few YouTube videos this year, and this has given me a lot of video to review the year. I love having gotten back into video work, and I really hope you like this edit I have made to review the year.


A new one just begun – my goals for 2020

My five year vision remains the same;

“I am at peace with the consequences of my injury and no longer feel limited or lesser because of it.”

The vision has nothing to do with my creative work in first glance. However I’m confident that to be able to reach the point where my vision is truth, creative work has to be an important part of my life.

In 2020 I’ve decided to make the first season of what will be a more high quality series of videos on my YouTube channel. This will be the big new creative goal for 2020. I’ve written a bit more about it in an earlier blogpost (“Explore locally – a series of adventures big and small”). Now I look forward to starting production and sharing the first season in a few months.

I also want to make sure I keep posting on the blog regularly every other Wednesday. Taking two weeks off to create is a goal for 2020 as well.

As for our family we have decided on two goals this year; at least 30 dinners in nature as a family over the year and monthly date night for me and the wife. Also; visiting our family in Finland this summer is a big goal for us, since we haven’t been able to since my injury and having the boys.

I hope you liked my 2019 in review. If you did, and you’re interested in what’s to come in 2020, make sure to follow my blog! Also please check out my Instagram and my YouTube. It would be much appreciated!


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