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A kind of a Christmas card

This is going to ba a kind of a Christmas card. I’m one of those who still like to send Christmas cards by mail. And it really brings me joy and Christmas spirit whenever I find a card in our mailbox as well. Old fashioned? Maybe, or maybe just a bit crazy about Christmas traditions.

Well established traditions and some we hope won’t establish themselves

We started off advent with baking ginger bread cookies, decorating our house and listening to our favorite Christmas music. Next up we visited the local Christmas market and watched the lights get lit on the Christmas tree in the town center. We attended the Christmas party at our sons kindergarten and did our Christmas shopping. All joyful, cozy and according to our well established family traditions this time of year.

Then hell broke loose. Just kidding. Or maybe not. Ok, a little bit of family life hell broke loose. Colds, fevers, stomach flu, you name it and we checked it off our list these past couple of weeks. And so the traditions were put on hold and we went into survival mode. Long story short; We did. Survive.

Once our energy is back we’ll disinfect our whole house, throw away the before mentioned gingerbread cookies and other baked goods that might have been polluted with the horrible buggers that caused all of this, and proceed to the next tradition. The most important of them all; driving home for Christmas.

Our Christmas card images – 2019 style

I start planning our Christmas card around July each year. Not because I’m doing anything spectacular or out of the ordinary. Just because if I don’t, I know I won’t find time to actually shoot the images, make the design, order the cards and get them sent out before Christmas is long gone.

This year I wanted to focus on the brothers. Our sons are becoming more and more important to each other every day now. The youngest constantly learning and discovering new things, mostly about how amazingly cool his older brother is. His big brother enjoys that he now can take more care of his baby brother, and at the same time realizes that baby brother isn’t really a baby anymore and demands his attention and space.

Some people say they find these kinds of Christmas cards, not to mention Christmas letters, a way to brag and show off. And yes; by sending Christmas cards or letters we’re asking for recipients to look at our lives, our accomplishments and our joy. But that’s not the point of Christmas cards now, is it? The point is to tell people that we’re thinking about them. That we wish them well. And maybe also that we are doing well. I mean just in case they’re sending us a thought around Christmas. Wondering about how we’re doing. The point comes across even if the card is decorated with images of our families right?

I wish you all the merriest of Christmases and happy holidays. I hope you spend them with the ones you hold dear, and that you don’t get to greet the before mentioned buggers that messed up our traditional holiday preparations!

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