Tonje Lilleås


I often say that your gear won’t get you the amazing images alone, but that doesn’t mean that you should accept it holding you back either. So without further ado, here’s a presentation of the photography gear that I currently use to shoot my images.

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Canon EOS R6

My main workhorse for both photo and video. A great camera that I love to shoot with.

Canon EOS 6D Mark II

My second shooter. I use this for both video and stills, and I still really enjoy it! It has gotten a lot of mixed reviews, but I think it’s generally an underrated camera.

Canon EOS M50

My latest addition is the pocket rocket. I don’t think it needs any more introducing, but if you want to check out my opinion on it from back when I first tested it, please check out this post and video “Will I be getting the Canon M50?”.

GoPro Hero8 Black

Action camera that helps me get different angles and film decent footage on the go. Always with me whenever I’m out and about in nature.


Canon RF 16 mm f2.8

A great wide angle lens that is a lot of fun to shoot with. I use it for creative stills as well as some video work.

Canon 24-105 mm f4 IS

This is my all-around lense. I use it both for landscapes, lifestyle and product photography, and I’m really happy with it. The image stabilisation is great, it’s super sharp, and even though it has a bit of vignetting, I’m really happy with it.

Canon 40mm f2.8

A super nice pancake lense, that I use for filming, or whenever I want a slightly wider angle than the 50 mm.

Canon 50 mm f1.4

My favourite lense by far. It’s not that expensive either, so if you’re looking to add a lense to your camera bag, I highly recommend a fast 50mm.

Canon 70-200 mm f4

This lense I primarily use for those intimate landscape shots. It’s really light, so I can bring it as a second lense whenever I’m hiking. The images from this one is super sharp, and I really love how it draws everything closer together. The bokeh on this one can be quite nice as well, and it’s great fun to shoot candid portraits with.

Canon RF 85 mm f 2

I love shooting both portrait, lifestyle and macro with this lens. It’s AF is noisy as f, but the images are clean and sharp. And I really love the focal length.

Canon EFM 15-45 f 3.5-6.3

The kit-lens for the M50 is perfectly ok for everyday run and gun photography.

Canon EF-RF adapter

I adapt all my EF lenses to my R6 with the adapter, and I’m really impressed with how well the AF works even on adapted lenses.


Manfrotto Tripod and Ballhead

This tripod is no travel size tripod by far, but it’s really sturdy and reliable. It’s heavy, but I choose to think of this as a sign that it’s built well. You can also use one of the legs as a monopod if you want to, but I usually don’t.

Rollei C5i Carbon travel tripod

A really light weight and compact tripod great for traveling. Not the most sturdy of tripods, but great when I’m hiking or traveling and need to think about weight.

Giotto MML 3270B Aluminum Monopod

Whenever I do want to use a monopod, I rather use this one than bringing the whole tripod along. This one is lighter, and I really like how it handles.

Joby SLR-Zoom Gorillapod with ballhead

This is an amazing little tripod. I have used this one to get some of my favourite shots. The reason I like it so much is that you can place it anywhere, getting you angles that are really interesting and something else.

Zhiyun Weebill S gimbal

A new addition to my gear after I started shooting more video. Really great small gimbal that can handle bigger cameras.

Other gear

Dji Mini 2

My drone of choice. I’ve just gotten it and it’s an excellent beginners drone.

MindShift Gear Rotation 180 Horizon backpack

An amazing, amazing backpack. I cannot state enough how much I love this one. I know there are other backpacks that are preferable when you just want to travel with your gear, or transport it from one place to another. But for me it’s perfect. Why? Because of the easy access to my camera as I hike. I just simply undo the small magnet, rotate the camera bag part, open the zipper and I’m ready to shoot. While my backpack is still on my back. I can take out my camera in almost any situation within seconds. The backpack also has a lot of room for either clothes and packed lunches or the insert that lets you bring more camera gear. It has a pouch for the Camelback and the tripod fits neatly in it’s own place. Even with my heavy Manfrotto tripod, the backpack feels nicely balanced on my back. I could go on. I love this backpack.


Polarisation filters, ND filters and UV filters of different specifications. Mainly I have a few Gobe variable ND filters and a Cokin Filter System.

Rode VideoMic Go

I like this microphone because it doesn’t need batteries or charging, and it gives way better sound than the internal microphone in my cameras.

SanDisk Extreme CF and SD cards

I have two 8GB cards and two 32 GB cards and one 64 Gb card. When I shoot for clients, I usually use the smaller cards because I don’t want to loose all the images if one of the cards should fail. Fast cards. I like them.

Lexar USB card reader

Small, handy, takes both CF and SD cards. Does the job.

Samsung T5 SSD

I’ve got several of these and I’m really satisfied with them. They are fast, small and really just do what I want them to do. Totally reliable. Would strongly recommend them.

Canon remote and Phottix Taimi cable release

When shooting landscapes you need some kind of remote or cable release to avoid camera shake. Or you really don’t. You can just set the timer on your camera. But I prefer being able to keep my hands off the camera and press the release button exactly when I feel like it. I also yous the Taimi for my new project learning how to shoot time lapses.


Fotobestway daylight lamps and a Phottix light tent for product photography has their own bags, but I do bring them with me whenever I do product photography out with customers. A three-in-one reflector, additional batteries, bags, cleaning kits, etc have also found their way to my house, but I will not bore you with more details unless you ask for it.