“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees” – Henry David Thoreau

Norwegian photographer located in Hamar, where I live with my amazing wife, son and dog. I grew up among fjords and mountains in the north-western part of Norway, but never really recognised the amazingly beautiful surroundings before I’d moved away and came back to visit. Now I cherish every moment I get to spend outside, preferably in the mountains, with my camera, skis, bicycle or just my thoughts.

One of the things I spend a lot of my time and energy on is photography. I got my first DSLR in 2010, and I now have a very passionate relationship with my camera. I shoot with a Canon EOS 7D, and my favourite lense is a Canon 50mm f1.4. I also have a Sigma 17-70mm, a Canon 24-105 mm f4, a Canon 40mm f2.8 and a Canon 70-200mm f4. Even though equipment can’t get you great shots alone, I do think it’s important that it’s not holding you back.

Want to know more about me? Maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for in this blogpost. / +4740075434

“Skis are not just pieces of wood, steel and fiberglass. They are tools of escape. A medium for personal expression. A way to challenge fears and push limits. When I go skiing, I feel happy and strong. Liberated from the nonsense of day-to-day life. Solid. Together we conquer the world.”

11 thoughts on “Me

    1. Hey! I’m happy you stopped by and left a comment:) Feel free to look around at earlier posts! I’m redesigning my site over the next week, but will be posting again soon. All the best to you too:)


      1. Hahaha, yep – I’m reading through your work, don’t you worry. Will stay for a while. How old is your son (if you don’t mind me asking publicly – I’m only 1 year older than you and have a little daughter, so feel a sense of funny/weird? connection there) 😉

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      2. Totally. Although my girl is almost 5 and I am astonished how quickly I have forgotten what it feels like to have a baby… Congratulations to you and your wife and look forward to exploring your blog more

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