An evening of inspiration

So, yesterday I left Hamar and spent the evening in Oslo listening to two amazing photographers and shooting some street shots in between their talks. It's great to hear how other photographers think and work, what makes them go for a project and how they feel about projects that don't turn out how they had … Continue reading An evening of inspiration

What’s in my camera bag?

I had written this looooong post about what I currently have in my camera bag, and had planned to publish it a couple of days ago after having shot the images. To my great disappointment, the draft is nowhere to be found. So I'm going to give you the shorter version, and maybe I'll film … Continue reading What’s in my camera bag?

I’m SO ready for spring

This winter seems to be never-ending. It started snowing in the very beginning of December last year, and it has hardly stopped. Don't misunderstand; I'm a child of the winter and I love skiing and playing around in the snow. I love the beautiful winter light and how all sounds are muted by snow. I'm … Continue reading I’m SO ready for spring

MonochromeMonday – Yep, another tree

What can I say, I love my trees. So today I'm just sharing a short MonochromeMonday post of a couple of new trees. I will probably continue shooting trees until I have the perfect collection for my trees in solitude project, a project that has been ongoing for about two years now. No idea when … Continue reading MonochromeMonday – Yep, another tree

ThrowbackThursday – revisiting old images

Recently I decided that I wanted to publish in both English and Norwegian to make sure that I reach as wide an audience as possible. And working with setting up the Norwegian site, I have looked through some of my older images. And there really is some images that I truly like. So today I'm … Continue reading ThrowbackThursday – revisiting old images

I promise I’ll do better

I just got home from work, and on the bus home I swore I would never sit at a desk ever again. Not because I don't like my work, or working at computers, but because my body felt like shit. And that's just the way it is some days, right? The last few weeks, or … Continue reading I promise I’ll do better

Snowed in at Skeikampen

We spent the weekend at Skeikampen Ski Resort. After having such a fab weekend at Hafjell last week, we were a bit discouraged looking at the weather reports for this weekend. The forecast was snow, wind, fog and temperatures around - 10. As we arrived, we saw that the lift to the top of the … Continue reading Snowed in at Skeikampen