I shot at sunset, I shot at sunrise and I even got a shot or two of the moon. Last weekend at the cabin at Savalen was great fun for all of us, including my inner photographer. Usually after a weekend like this one I would post images over several posts, but as I went [...]

Weekend in the mountains

We had this amazing mini break at my in laws cabin at Savalen last weekend. Finding stillness, feeling the fresh mountain air and the wind blowing on our faces, not being online, hearing the sounds the fire in the wood burner makes, plain amazing. I also got to enjoy some time with the camera, and [...]

I’ll show you what’s important

Last Friday morning I had gotten out of bed feeling a bit weird. I had breakfast with my son, sent him and my wife off to kindergarten and work, and had a shower to get ready for work myself. I went out to fetch my bike from the bike shed, and felt really dizzy. I [...]

Into the woods we go

We don't live that far from the forest, and we try to spend a lot of time there every week. I love listening to my son being excited about the ants on the ground, the nuts or pinecones that the squirrels have left on the trail or seing an actual squirrel or deer. I love [...]

Fields of gold

I went for a bike ride one of those evenings when the sun is shining from a clear blue sky, the air feels september fresh and you know there is going to be dew on the ground when you wake up the next morning. I didn't know what I was looking for, but I had [...]

Around here – it’s about to be fall

I have already mentioned what a great summer we've had, and if you haven't read about it you can do so in the last around here-post. Since then I have: been working a lot with post production of this summers images. Some of them have been posted already. Check out images from a grey day [...]

Getting the feeling back

Earlier I've written about how this summer I've been able to be me again to a bigger extent than the years that have passed since my injury. It has felt liberating not having to plan everything as detailed and not knowing that doing this one thing I wanted to do would automatically mean that I [...]