Tonje Lilleås

Blue is the warmest colour

A few weeks ago I had brought my camera to a family hike, and was expecting to come home with some landscape or woodland shots. Turns out that family hikes are not the kind of hikes where I can take my time and find compositions that’s not really obvious, and since the hike was not the kind that offered the obvious compositions I feared I had to go home empty handed. That was until I stopped looking and suddenly came over this amazing field of blue anemone.
I could have gone for the wider angle, showing off the hundreds and hundreds of flowers, but decided to portray solitude once again. Solitude can often be mistaken for loneliness. Unsharp edges can often be mistaken for imperfection. Blue can often be mistaken for being cold. But in my mind solitude is peace, unsharp edges makes me look again and blue is the warmest colour.




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