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Tonje Lilleås

When I got the news that we were going to have a new baby, I decided that it was time to focus my time and energy on family, and take a break from sharing my stories and images through my blog. It was not easy, but I was convinced it was the right decision. Almost six months later I have to say it was indeed the wrong decision.

The importance of a creative outlet

At the moment I decided on a break from the blog, family first seemed like all that mattered and the only right mindset. The thing is however, that family first is impossible to achieve if you don’t take care of yourself. To me an important part of taking care of myself is to make sure that I get to be creative. That I make time to pick up my camera and shoot. Sharing my images on Instagram and here on my website made it easier for me to prioritize shooting. And so I’m back. Right before our little baby arrives.

Something old, something new…

I have redesigned the whole website. I have cleaned up the portfolio. I have made this space more of my own, more of me. Keeping what I liked from the old website, but changing it up a lot. This place will still be my digital portfolio. The focus will still be on landscape photography, but with equal amounts of outdoorsy lifestyle photography.

I will post twice a month. Every other Wednesday to be exact. This way I know I will be able to put family first without loosing something important to me. The Journal will contain images and stories just like before. The difference being that every now and then the images will be in form of video instead of stills. The Portfolio will be updated whenever I shoot something I find worthy. And between posts on this site, I’m posting regularly on Instagram.

Explore to create

A few months ago I started tagging a lot of my images on Instagram with the hashtag #exploretocreate. If you swipe through images tagged with this hashtag, you will see that there’s a lot of images from people traveling all over the world. Explorers and content creators. I totally see how traveling and exploring the world inspires to create. But I don’t think you need to travel far to explore. And I think exploring local landscapes and areas where you have been again and again can be just as inspiring. And much better for the environment.

I haven’t travelled outside Scandinavia the last seven years. And I will not become a wanderluster if that means spending loads of time in an airplane. But I look forward to continuing exploring the landscapes, nature and people that are close to me. To let exploring inspire me to create, and to share it all with you guys.



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