Tonje Lilleås

Get out and create

I’ve always wanted to be able to call myself creative. I just never considered creativity a trait of mine. Somehow my academic skills always has been emphasized more than my creative skills. So even though I’m a very visual person, I always thought I wasn’t creative and should focus on something else.

Getting my first DSLR in my hands opened up a whole new world for me. I’m not saying that I shot great images from start, but I got to show people how I saw the world. And I got to show people another side of me, one that wasn’t all about the books and the geekiness.

Combining photography with the love for the outdoors brought me my perfect creative outlet. My images has been all about the amazing landscapes I grew up in and the lifestyle it offers.

Changing my photographic eye – developing my creativity

Moving from the vast scenery with fjords and alpine mountains to the flatlands of Innlandet, I’be had to change the way I see my surroundings. In the beginning I found it hard, because I wasn’t used to focusing on the intimate details of the landscape. Now I find a lot more and way better compositions than before. I don’t need my surroundings to be spectacular in such an obvious way to find the good images. And changing my photographic eye like that has made it much more interesting to explore locally.

Challenging yourself will help you grow

I think challenging yourself to create whatever your circumstances might be is important to move forward and not stagnate. Challenging yourself will help you grow and learn things about yourself that you wouldn’t if you keep doing the same stuff over and over again. For instance I had this theory that I wasn’t any good with people and therefore should stick to photographing nature and landscapes. After challenging myself to do some portrait and landscape shoots, I learned that my people skills weren’t that bad at all. I also found that I enjoyed capturing personalities and that my candid approach to portraits worked out quite well.

Just get out and create

I’ve tried to make it a habit to just go out and create without a plan at least once a month. There’s something about getting into the truly creative state of mind where you’re open to what ever might catch your interest that is so refreshing.

I hope you all are having an amazing January. That you find time and inspiration to go out and explore. That you get to spend time resting your eye on something beautiful or interesting.

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