Tonje Lilleås

I’m dreaming of a frosty christmas

Walking through the forest close to our house is such an important escape from the hustle of everyday life. It’s not an amazing, untouched, green lung. It’s not wild or wide. I can walk through the whole forest in half an hour. Roads surround the forest on three edges. On the fourth there is an airport for small airplanes. Noice from the roads and airplanes is always present. Doesn’t sound like an amazing break maybe?

Finding beauty wherever is a treat

Even though I understand that my description of the forest does not sound like anything out of the ordinary, I promise you that it offers peace of mind and solitude. And I have made it a small photography project to find and show all the beauty this small forest has to offer. To use the forest to practice both shooting woodland and seeing beauty when it’s easy to overlook. And this project is a real treat.

Christmas without snow can still be white

I’m one of those who prefer my Christmas white. And I’ve been a bit afraid that this year it would be grey. Not that it’s THAT important, but I think it makes a difference in my mood at least. The last few weeks we’ve had cold weather around here, but no snow. Walking through the forest however, made me understand that a frosty Christmas might be just as beautiful as a snowy one.




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