Tonje Lilleås

Into the woods we go

We don’t live that far from the forest, and we try to spend a lot of time there every week. I love listening to my son being excited about the ants on the ground, the nuts or pinecones that the squirrels have left on the trail or seing an actual squirrel or deer. I love how the trees stretch so far from the ground that you can only see a small part of the sky if you look straight above your head. I love how the green colours of the moss are so intense, and how the sunlight barely breaking through the vast trees makes these greens even more beautiful.
I rarely bring my camera on our daily walks in the forest. But when I do, I try to capture some of the details that I find amazes me. Our forest nearby is not one of great woodland shots, it’s too young and has seen too much human engagement. So the images are in the details, and today I thought I would share a couple.
I wish everyone would have a forest nearby, or a mountain or a national park for that matter. And if you do, I hope you go out and spend some time looking for the details that amaze you. It really is a great way to lower the pace and find a bit of peace in everyday life.


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    Anne Grethe Lilleås

    September 24, 2017

    🍃🍂🍁🐿🐞🕸🕷🐜Skogen om hausten er fantastisk for små og store! Med dei nydelege fargane er det berre å kome seg ut og nyte. Det er dokke flinke til😍!

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    September 24, 2017

    Your photos definitely convey a cool sense of peace, thank you. And so different to the hot dry Australian bush which surrounds me today!

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      September 25, 2017

      Thank you! This summer has given us so much rain, so the colours and moods are different from what I’m used to shoot in september. I really like how the forest makes me feel these days!


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