Tonje Lilleås

It all depends on the angle

Last Saturday I spent an hour at the beach. Or to be more presise, I spent golden hour at the beach. I had a simple composition in mind. Trees and reflections. Smooth water. Clear sky. You know the kind.
As I walked around the beach I noticed how much the image changed by the smallest adjustments in the angle of which I was looking at the composition. In one angle the trees looked like they were intertwined. Walking a few steps made it look like they were far apart. In one angle they had mountains in the horizon behind them, in another it looked like there was nothing but the trees and the big sky.
It made me think about how it’s all about the angle. Not just when you compose an image, but with all parts of life. Your viewpoint, where you chose to place yourself, makes the image. Just as it makes what your life looks like. If you choose to meet life from a point of negativity, you most likely will not see all the amazing stuff that surrounds you.
I tried to think about this as I chose my final composition. I tried to make the image reflect my point of view both in that exact moment and in life in general. Based on this image, how do you think I look upon life?




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