Tonje Lilleås

Lake Fjelltjønna

My wifes family has a cabin at Savalen, Norway. It’s cosy and perfect for weekend getaways with the family. When at the cabin we hike and make bonfires. During summer we go for a swim in lake Savalen. While during winter we get our skis out. It’s slow outdoor living most of the time, and it really suits us.

Lake Fjelltjønna

This summer we spent a week at the cabin just the three of us. I spent all day with my wife and son, and in the evening I went out to shoot sunset. A few years ago I shot one of my favorite monochrome landscape images at a lake not too far from the cabin. Lake Fjelltjønna is beautifully situated on the hike to Rødalshøa, the highest peak in the area.

What was that?

Wanting to test out some new filters, I had planned for a long exposure and a panorama of the lake. As I had set up my camera gear and locked down the composition, I heard the sound of something falling into the water. At first I looked around for other people, because I couldn’t understand that an animal or fish would make that kind of sound. A few seconds later I realized that it was my filter-pouch that had fallen into the lake. What to do!?

I used a branch as a fishing rod, got hold of the small ring that was attached to the zipper and fished the pouch out of the lake. After drying of the filters, I mounted them on the lense and got my images.

Wet hiking-boot and a smile on my face

Walking back to the cabin the filter pouch was hanging on the outside of my camera backpack. With every few steps I felt drops of water dripping from the pouch, finding it’s way down my leg and into my hiking boot. I didn’t mind though. Knowing that I could have lost the new filters before I had even gotten to try them and that I had indeed gotten the images I came for, I smiled all the way back to the cabin.



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