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Landscape and lifestyle keepers of 2018

Happy New Year! As we have entered 2019 it’s time to look back at what 2018 brought us. And one of my favorite activities reviewing a year is to go through the images I’ve shot and pick out the keepers. So without further ado; here’s my landscape and lifestyle images of 2018.

Skiing in winter wonderland

2018 started off with one of my favorite activities in maybe my number one location in the whole world; skiing at Strandafjellet. I brought my camera and wanted to capture the essence of a day skiing in the mountains I know so well. I got several landscape and lifestyle images that I liked, and that showed off the beauty of the surroundings in a great way. My favorite image however, and the first image on the list of keepers, is an image that communicates the feeling I’ve had skiing on my own so many times. Sometimes you just have to stop and take it all in before you carry on shredding.

Golden hour at lake Fjelltjønna

I’ve written a post about shooting this image before, make sure to check it out if you haven’t already. The reason it makes the list of landscape and lifestyle keepers is simple; I love the hues and the serenity of the scene. Looking at it I can feel how still an evening it was, I can feel the solitude, the sun on my skin and the smell of summer in the mountains.

Misty woodland in the mountainside

When I packed my camera bag on the night I captured this next image, I didn’t think I would find anything worth shooting. Conditions were beyond grey and boring, and I didn’t have time or energy to hike far enough to get to the great viewpoints of the magnificent landscape I new surrounded me. I was just about to give up when conditions changed and a misty and dramatic woodland appeared in the mountainside facing me. The magical change in conditions gave me one of my absolute favorite images of 2018.

Self portrait in Bangardsvorda

I just wanted a few new self portraits for the website and social media profile pictures, and decided to shoot them at the top of Bangardsvorda, not too far from the in laws cabin at Savalen. I played with different expressions and angles and got a few decent shots. My favorite image, that surprisingly made the list of keepers, is an image that was shot right after some fighter jets had flown by breaking the amazing stillness of the mountain. It disturbed me and I got a bit irritated, so I decided to do a shot channeling my energy at that exact moment.

Hiking in Rondane

One golden hour and sunset shoot in Rondane was exactly what I craved and needed after rather modest photography conditions over the summer. I wrote about the experience in an earlier post, and the evening gave me more than one image I was happy about. Two of the even made the list of keepers from 2018. The first is a landscape giving me all the “summer in the mountains”-vibes with vibrant greens and yellows as well as a golden sunlight washing over the scene. The second is a lifestyle image of me overlooking the amazing nature with Rondane in the horizon.

Exploring local woodland

A frosty morning not too long before Christmas I went out to shoot a few images in what I consider a rather dull forest a few minutes walk from our house. You can read all about my thoughts on exploring the local surroundings in my post showing more of the images from this morning. One image really showed that beauty is to be found even in the dullest of landscapes. The scenes you pass by on your daily walk can turn out too be really amazing if you just stop and take them in. This image makes me want to stay in this moment captured for a while, and then go home for some hot chocolate.

The number one image of 2018

In the end, I do have one image that are my absolute favorite image of 2018. I think it represent the most significant change of the year for me. 2018 will forever be the year I got to meet my second son for the first time, and no words can describe how amazing that was.

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