Tonje Lilleås

Mt. Grjotet

When I was a kid I used to sit outside on a huge stone in our garden and look at this amazing mountain I could see from our house. I used to imagine how it would be to hike up there, to stand at the summit. To me, Mt. Grjotet was like Everest. It was the highest peak I could see from my house. As I grew a bit older I could even see it from my bedroom window. It always got powdered with the first snow of the winter days before the other mountains around, and it just had such a beautiful shape.
Right after my injury I was bedridden for quite some time, and I spent some of the time visualising hiking. I missed nature and the fresh mountain air so much, and visualising helped a bit. The weird thing is that one of the mountains I often climbed from my bed was Mt. Grjotet. And I have never done that in real life. I guess it was my inner child that brought me back to the mountains that felt safe and home to me.
This summer I had decided I wanted a black and white image of Mt. Grjotet. I wanted to capture the mountain the way I had seen it as a child. Grand and magnificent. Today I’m happy to share the result with you.
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Wishing you all a terrific weekend! Maybe in the mountains with a camera in hand? I’ll be happy to see your images, leave your information in the comments section:)


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    August 14, 2017

    Stunning + moody!

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      August 14, 2017

      Thank you! I love the moody days in the mountains, and this summer has brought many of those:)

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