Tonje Lilleås

Murakami @ Astrup Fearnley

_MG_5944I find my inspiration not only among photographers or in nature, but in all things beautiful, interesting or challenging. One of the artists I really like is Takashi Murakami, and when I heard he had an exhibition in Oslo I knew I had to catch it. So last Wednesday the wife and i was lucky enough to have babysitters for our son and went to Oslo for our “lunch and an exhibition”-date.
Astrup Fearnley in Oslo was the firs Scandinavian art institution to ever present a solo exhibition by Murakami. The exhibition “Murakami by Murakami” contained both paintings, video and sculptures. I especially was looking forward to seeing his sculpture “Flame of desire”, and it really was magnificent. But after seeing the whole exhibition and spending some time contemplating his works, I find that the piece that I was most fond of was the 30 metres long piece in the main exhibition hall. There’s something about the details in it that is less obvious than say in one of his arhat pieces, but no less impressing even so.
Murakami shows a mix between tradition, religion and high culture on one side, and street art normally viewed as modern and maybe low culture on the other. I really like that mix. The Enso pieces are also really nice. I was surprised that I liked the ones where he hasn’t used as many different colours, but stuck to a more monochrome palette so much. The level of detail is not less in these piece, and I really like how they made me feel.
And that’s just it. My wife asked me why I’m drawn to Murakami, and I’ve been thinking about what it is. I think he just makes art that makes me feel good. Not anything more complicated than that.


Outside Astrup Fearnley this piece caught my attention. When the bird passed by lining up in a triangle with the nipples, I had to get the shot. Made me laugh. I’m easy to entertain.




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