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Time to wrap up this Nordic Summer

As summer draws to an end, it’s time for me to wrap up the Nordic Summer project. I had two goals for myself as I got the message that I was picked as an official #24hoursofnorth creator this summer; making a wrap up video as my start in videography and getting out of my comfort zone with my photography. In the bottom of the post you can watch my wrap up video, but first let me tell you a bit about the process.

Transferring from videography to photography and back

When I was a teenager I made my first video as part of a school project. I dreamed about working within the film industry making movies for a living. But so did everybody else. And even though I made some videos over the next few years, I haven’t picked up a camera to make a video since 2005.

A couple of years ago I “discovered” Youtube. I started following some photographers that I found inspiring, and through them ended up watching a few tutorials on videography. It might seem a bit odd watching tutorials on videography when it’s photography that is my craft, but I felt very inspired in my own creative work learning something new about a related subject.

One of the channels I watched was Matti Haapojas “Travel Feels”. He had this slogan “Learn, make, repeat”. And after a year and a half of following him and Peter McKinnon I found that I was learning and repeating, but I wasn’t really making anything.

I love the storytelling part of videography. And I want to get better at telling stories both with my photography and videography. Therefore I found that the time had come to start making, not just learning and repeating. Making a wrap up video for the Nordic Summer project seemed like the perfect place to start.

The dreadful part of videography – seeing yourself in front of the camera

Now I wanted to start off with making a vlog-style video. I don’t have a lot of fancy video equipment, and I think the vlog is a great place to start experimenting with storytelling. However there was one part of making a vlog that I just hated the thought of; being in front of the camera.

You see I soon realized that I could not just make B-roll if I wanted to make an interesting video, so I had to get over myself and just do it. Nonetheless this actually kept me from making for quite some time. I think this is the main reason that I was stuck in the learn-repeat process instead of throwing the make into the bowl. Therefore I ask you this, if you choose to watch the wrap up video; be kind. I know I look uncomfortable and a bit awkward in front of the camera, and I know my English isn’t the best, but it is a start. So be kind, and I will really appreciate it.

Also before you ask; I know I’m 35, I don’t try to hang with the cool kids, I’m not doing this for likes, fame or fortune. I just want to learn, create and do something that makes me happy.

Wrapping up the Nordic Summer project

Being a part of the group of creators that Canon Nordic picked to showcase the Nordic Summer, has been a great experience for me. It has helped me prioritize creating where I otherwise often would find that I don’t have time or energy for it. I have gotten in touch with some amazing fellow creators, and I have seen and been inspired by the work of creators that I might not have found otherwise. Following it is with a bit mixed feelings that I’m now wrapping it up and saying that it has come to a close.

In my wrap up video I wanted to show what Nordic Summer is to me. Because that’s the unique perspective that I can offer right? And to me Nordic Summer is spending time with family in the nature we love to call home. As simple as that. So here it is, this is my Nordic Summer – 2019 style!


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