Tonje Lilleås



March 12th 2020 Norway was put into lockdown due to COVID-19. My family chose to spend this extra time we got together the best way possible; through local adventures. Always staying mindful of and respecting the regulations from government, but still trying to make the best of a very difficult situation for our country and the world in general. I decided to document our adventures. It helped me stay focused on all the beautiful moments we created together as a family, and to separate days that would so easily melt together otherwise. Through the images I wanted to show that even in the midst of crisis there is beauty and adventure to be found right outside our doorstep. Where they've been all this time. Just waiting for us to see, that you don't have to travel far to be an explorer. And I wanted to focus one what really means something in the end. The ones we love and the time we spend together.

Explore Locally COVID-19 edt. - PREMIERE APRIL 2020/ Due to COVID-19 the plan of production and premieres for the first season of Explore Locally was changed. I decided to make the first episode on how we coped with being in lockdown. Over 38 days all we did was exploring locally as a family, the video was one of the ways I documented our experience.