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Springtime moods – Easter in amazing Sunnmøre

Easter was late this year and therefore brought with those nice springtime moods I’ve longed for. We spent almisser two weeks visiting family in Sunnmøre, where skiing in the mountains and lunching by the fjord is equally amazing.

I was once again stricken by the place where I grew up. It’s odd isn’t it; how we become blind to what’s close to us and then when we leave for a while and return we can see it all so clearly.

Lunching by the fjord

After skiing the slopes with our oldest a couple of days, the snow was getting rotten and we felt ready to switch it up by bringing our lunch to the beach. For our son it was a bit difficult to understand the concept of going to the beach when we insisted that it was not warm enough to go swimming. However, he really enjoyed it. Looking for sea shells, throwing stones in the water attempting to make them skip, it was all great fun.

Since I moved away, I’ve always said that I miss seeing the water from my house. Therefore I presumed that I would be satisfied when we moved closer to lake Mjøsa after spending some years at Tynset. Now I know that it isn’t just the view of the water I need. It’s the combination of the view, the smell, the sound, just the whole mood of the fjord.

Priorities, priorities, priorities

When I realized that I hadn’t made almost any new images this year I was adamant that I would be prioritizing to spend some quality time with the camera over Easter. The weather forecast was great, and I was sure I would go home with some bangers on my memory card.

Finding time and energy when days are filled with our two amazingly active boys however has been way more difficult than anticipated. And I’m a bit disappointed not having made more images after what must have been the best Easter weather wise in decades. My inner memories of time with the boys is worth it though.

Springtime moods

I didn’t go home completely without having pressed the shutter though. I captured a respectable amount of snapshots from our lovely family fundays. And those snapshots have a huge value, as they show what I chose to prioritize instead of making images.

Photographing springtime moods has always felt like a bit of a challenge for me. I’ve found it much easier to shoot nature during the three other seasons. Even though spring is the season of new energy and life, I feel my images of spring are often dull and uninspired. So maybe going back to just capturing some moments, some snapshots, can be a decent way of finding a way to capture those springtime moods?

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