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The search for something interesting

A few days ago one of my favourite YouTubers, Thomas Heaton, posted a video where he talked about the many days out shooting that just doesn’t work out and I really related to what he said.
As a landscape photographer you have bad days with the camera where nothing seems to go your way. You might have planned everything, checked the forecast and the ephemeris, you have done your research and scouting for a nice composition, but still you go home from the shoot with nothing. And those days are so frustrating that you might feel like throwing your camera away and give up on photography all together.
After I moved to Hamar, I’ve had so many days like these. And I think it’s because the landscapes around here have such a different character than those where I grew up. They’re not grand or magnificent, they’re just endless flat woods with a lake or a river breaking it up every here and there. The sky is huge, as there is close to nothing that is breaking the horizon. Don’t read me wrong, I really like it here, it has it’s own kind of beauty. But I do find that it’s way more challenging to find interesting compositions around here. And I think I sometimes want so bad to get a good image that I push for it even though I know that there’s just nothing there.
So what to do? I have to focus on different kinds of photography when shooting in my local area. And yesterday I went out with my camera searching for something that would make an interesting composition. Trying to keep an open mind and finding something that could make me want to work to get the image instead of getting frustrated with it not working out
I didn’t find anything super interesting. But I found some moments of peace watching the spring melting the ice that has covered lake Mjøsa this winter. And it didn’t feel like one of those frustrating days shooting after all.



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    March 15, 2017

    So beautiful! ❤


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