Tonje Lilleås

The best is yet to come my friend

So in my last post I told you I would be sharing some exciting news last week. And here it is; we’re having a baby!

I know, it’s kind of amazing. We just got to see the little one for the second time on Friday, and it was great. We’re really looking forward to becoming parents again. To even more madness and love. But I’m also a bit terrified. Having two kids to take care of is a huge responsibility. An amazing gift, but a huge responsibility.

For me part of that responsibility is clearing more time off my schedule to be able to keep my health at the best it can be, so that I’m able to take my fair share of the load over the next 18 years or so. My schedule isn’t full of hangouts with friends, travelling to new places with family, learning new things and skills or checking things off my bucket list. But it is full none the less. With work, working out, going to physical therapy and resting enough. All to be able to be here for my wife and kids each day. Family is and has to be priority number one.

Photography still is my biggest passion and hobby. Being able to share some of the things I create on this blog has been really rewarding. It has been very important to me in a time of my life when I have been forced to change so much. With the camera in my hands I have both escaped and worked my way through the things that have been challenging.

Creating and sharing have also fed the dream of doing something else, that maybe I could really make a living as a photographer some day. And feeding that dream has made me feel amazingly inspired and motivated some days. Other days I have been so frustrated because I have had all this inspiration and motivation, I have felt the dream so strongly, but I have not been able to prioritize doing something about it. That frustration has grown proportionally with the dream being fed.

So with the amazing news of us expecting another baby, another miracle, I have decided that I have to stop feeding the dream for a while. I have to prioritize my miracles. And therefore this will be my last post. For now I will have to add. I will be back sharing in some form, some day. But for now, this is it.

I’d like to thank those of you who have visited my site, followed my blog, liked and commented on my posts and images. I have really appreciated it. I wish you all the very best.

Signing out with a lot of gratitude of what has been and what’s to come,
Tonje H. Lilleaas



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    Anne Grethe Lilleås

    May 29, 2018

    ❤💙💚💛….you’ll be back💫!


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