Tonje Lilleås

When the nordic sun sets

Last week in the 24 hours of North project, our focus was on when the nordic sun sets. Or #nordicsunsets if you will.


I’ve been so fortunate as to be one of 24 nordic creators who has teamet up with Canon to showcase the nordic summer this year. Through images and video we are trying to show that you don’t have to travel far to get amazing experinces. We are promoting staycation and everything the nordic countries have to offer if you choose to spend your summer here. I’m really thankful to be able to participate among a lot of really talented creators and I like how the weekly tasks pushes me to just get out there and create.

You see, every week we get a short brief with a new hashtag that is the theme for the week. Alone with the hashtag Canon Nordic tell us which hours during the day they would like us to cover. This way, when the project is finished, we will have images and video from 24 hours of summer in the north. Each week Canon Nordic publish a wrap up video in Instagram stories for last weeks brief, in which they show some of what we have created. I’ve found great creators through following the hashtags for each week, so I revommend you ho check them out

#nordicsunsets – when the nordic sun sets

This last week we’ve been working on creating in the hours between 18.00 and midnight. No big surprise that the theme of the week is «when the nordic sun sets».

I have to be honest, it hasn’t been as easy an straight forward for me as one might think. Since I’m not travelling anywhere until next week, I’ve had to make use of the locations in my hometown of Hamar. And even though Hamar is great and have some gems, having to think about how I can get something new every week and not repeating myself, has been a challenge. That is not to say that I have not enjoyed that challenge!

For the sunset shoots I choose to be close to lake Mjøsa. The light by the lake is really amazing. Looking back I think maybe it would have been more creatively challenging to do sunset shoots in the forest, so I’m planing to test that out later this summer.

Photographing sunset portraits

I really wanted to do some images showcasing someone else than myself for this challenge, and was really happy when a friend of mine was up for a late night shoot. I had this idea of a bit moody dandelion shot, and I think we came close to my idea. However it did take so many attempts, and some of them came out really weird. So we  laughed a lot during the shoot. I almost like the behandling the scenes shots better than the actual images we were going for.

Photographing people and collaborating to get the results we want is something I would really like to do more of! So if you’re keen on some new portraits of yourself either for social media or printing, let me know!

I hope you enjoy the images and video edit I’ve created! If you do, please consider following me on Instagram, subscribing to my newsletter or leaving a comment down below! I wish you the very best of weeks!



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