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Why I started YouTube at 35

In this post I give you my thoughts on why I waited so long to start my own YouTube channel, and I do that through the video “Why I started YouTube at 35”. But first, let me tell you what I’ve been up to this weekend!

Four days, two videos, several images

This past weekend I spent at my in laws cabin at Savalen. Now I have photographed the areas around Savalen several times the last few years, but I seem to always be able to find a new spin on it. I search for new locations, I find new more intimate compositions in the wider landscapes, I go to locations at a new time of day or in different weather. Photographing the same area over and over again gives me something else than shooting new locations. It’s a kind of familiarity that makes me eager to explore and play a bit more with my images. It’s also fun to see how my photography changes over the years, something I find really clear when I look at my different Savalen shoots.

This weekend my main focus was to shoot images during sunrise and sunset, while shooting video during golden hour and daylight. I had set a goal of getting at least two videos and five decent images done, and I actually think I met my goal.

Some people have asked me if I don’t feel lonely or afraid when I travel and spend time in the mountains by myself. But I actually really enjoy getting to dive into my bubble and create undisturbed for a few days. However after four days, filming two videos and shooting a lot of images I was really happy to get back home to my wife, boys and fur baby.

Why I started Youtube at 35

I do think that Youtube is oversaturated with teenagers and people in their early twenties. Not that I’m not really impressed with some of the stuff they are creating. And by the fact that they are putting themselves out there to be subject to all kinds of nasty comments. I find it brave. Maybe it was the lack of bravery that held me back from starting to create videos of my own. YouTube is an amazing platform. If YouTube had existed when I was a teenager, maybe I hadn’t waited so long to get back into creating videos of my own?

Anyway, I’m back at it and in my latest video I share my thoughts on why it took me so long. I hope you like it and that you’ll consider subscribing if you do!

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