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Will I be getting the Canon M50 as my second camera?

As part of the #24hoursofnorth project, we got to loan the Canon M50 over the summer. In this post I will tell you my thoughts on the camera, and answer the question; will I be getting the Canon M50 as my second camera?

If you don’t know what the #24hoursofnorth project is, I suggest you check out my Nordic Summer post. I would also love it if you paid me a visit over on YouTube and watched my wrap up video for the project. But for now, let’s move on to the M50.

The Pocket Rocket

Canon M50 is a really neat little camera. It produces great images (the image of Trollstigen in this post is a snapshot taken on the M50) and really decent video. At first it felt a little limiting only being able to test it with the kit lens (15-45 mm), but as I worked with the camera I got used to it and I really enjoyed bringing the camera everywhere. Because that really is the thing with this camera. It is so little and lightweight, which makes it really portable. I found that I always brought it with me “just in case”. And more times rather than not I ended up shooting something that I would have had to capture with my phone if I hadn’t brought the M50. Now phones are great, but the M50 feels like a proper camera, making it more enjoyable for me to shoot.

They say that the best camera is the one you bring with you, and with the M50 always in my bag, I totally agree. It’s a clear step up from “just” shooting with your phone, but at the same time fits nicely in almost every purse, bag or backpack. Even in some pockets I’ve heard, hence getting the nickname “The Pocket Rocket”.

Will I be getting the Canon M50?

I wanted to shoot more video as part of my testing the M50, and so I bought a Gobe 49mm variable ND filter to be able to shoot in different lighting situations. This was a great little investment as it contributed to me shooting a lot more video than I have done in years. Challenging myself with video work was so inspiring, and one of the main reasons I enjoyed the M50 so much I think. So with all the positivity, I’m sure you think that I’m getting the M50 as my new vlogging camera, right? I’m afraid you’re wrong. If you want to know why, I suggest you watch the video below. In this video I give you a bit more of my thoughts on the camera and explain why I won’t be getting the M50 at this point.


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