Tonje Lilleås

Winter wonderland views

I just have to share a few images from this Christmas at Strandafjellet. I already shared a few from skiing during sunrise, but I have some landscape images that is worth a look as well.
It’s so amazing to be able to take the gondola up to the mountain top before sunrise, and watch the landscape go from cold (or warm depending on your angle) blue to warm yellow. I really recommend paying Strandafjellet skisenter a visit even if you don’t ski, just to be able to watch the sunrise.
This winter the area has gotten a lot of snow, so it really is winter wonderland up there. If you’re planning a ski-weekend, but have yet to decide where to go, I think you should check out the possibility of going to Stranda. Stranda hotel has cheap package deals including ski passes, and you can also rent a cabin if you would like to be more independent than in a hotel.
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