Tonje Lilleås
Tonje Lilleås

I am currently based in the Norwegian town of Hamar, where I live with my wife, two little boys and our dog. I grew up among fjords and mountains in the north-western part of Norway, but I never really recognised the amazingly beautiful surroundings before I'd moved away and came back to visit. Through my creative work I try to offer moments of both adventure and solitude to help people lower their shoulders and remember to breathe and enjoy life. Raw, natural, candid moments. Nothing more, nothing less.



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I walk out the door of wherever I am, my gear in my backpack. Sometimes I know the general direction of where I am headed and what I want to create. Sometimes I have planned the image or footage in detail. More often I just wander off to where my heart leads me that day. I wait to take out my camera until I get the urge to shoot. Until I feel the drive and inspiration and feel pumped to create. It is a special state of mind, and I love being in it.

When shooting a landscape I try to make it reflect my emotional landscape as I shoot. I don’t bother too much about things being technically perfect. I find more interest in caring about the mood and the feeling that I want to communicate. This means that my landscapes are not always balanced, not always sharp and not always perfectly exposed. But it also means that the flaws that I choose to show are intentional parts of what I create.

My style is raw, natural, honest and unposed. I like it when what I create look  candid, and try to get to the point where I’m truly just an observer that people I am shooting don’t take notice of anymore. To get to that point I make sure I get to know people I work with before I take out my camera. I tell you about how I like to work, and we talk about what the idea of the shoot is. What is our goal? That way we work together instead of me just telling people what to do.

Working with adventure and outdoorsy lifestyle is where I feel most comfortable. I love to tell stories of adventure and exploration in nature. Making sure we don’t cause any harm to the natural playground, leaving as little trace as possible. Hence I’m a true believer that there’s always more to explore locally.


From ideas to creating content

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Most of my creative work is made outside. However I have set up a workspace in our family room. That way I can always be close to family even if I have a lot to do, and I am always able to start sketching and planning content that I think of when I’m in the shower or making dinner.

If you want to work with me, you are more than welcome to come over for a coffee and a chat to see if we are a good match. Get in touch, I look forward to getting to know you!

Tonje Lilleås