Planning a photoshoot

I know I have been slacking off when it comes to posting regularly lately. I have had too much at hand at work, and I've had some problems with my photo equipment, and therefore not been able to go out and shoot so often. But now equipment has been fixed, and I have lots of … Continue reading Planning a photoshoot

What I’m thankful for

I have so many things to be thankful for this year, as I have had all my life. And I'm going to give you a list and some images to illustrate just that below. But first I want to share something that I feel particularly thankful for right now, as I write this post. As … Continue reading What I’m thankful for

When I walk

Whenever I go out for a walk with my camera I spend the first few minutes checking how my body is that day. I scan for the feelings each step makes me feel throughout my whole body, checking for tensions or compensating muscles that I have to let go or relax. Then I try to … Continue reading When I walk

It all depends on the angle

Last Saturday I spent an hour at the beach. Or to be more presise, I spent golden hour at the beach. I had a simple composition in mind. Trees and reflections. Smooth water. Clear sky. You know the kind. As I walked around the beach I noticed how much the image changed by the smallest … Continue reading It all depends on the angle

An ode to November

In Norway November has to take a lot of shit. It's too cold, too grey, too dark, too depressing. The days in November are shorter than the rest of the year. November makes us want to curl up under our sheets and just stay there until the lovely December arrives. November is blamed for our … Continue reading An ode to November

“Are you a dad?”

Becoming a parent you get access to a whole new world. A world of curiosity, direct questions and short attention span. It's why, wherefore, how, when and show me all day long. It's a magical way of being, but it can also be challenging. "Are you a dad?" this four year old boy I met … Continue reading “Are you a dad?”

Who am I as a photographer?

I've asked myself who I am so many times (trying to answer some of it here and here), but it has always been a more open question than the one I've asked myself lately. Who I am as a photographer is more difficult for me to answer than the more open and general "Who am … Continue reading Who am I as a photographer?