Photographing portraits and personalities

Finding myself as a photographer has been really challenging, and is an ongoing process. I really want my images to show my style, and just like any other photographer I want people who sees my images to know that this is indeed noe of my images. Creating truly unique images however is not something I … Continue reading Photographing portraits and personalities

An hour in solitude

I really like spending time by myself. It's not that I don't like people. It's not that I'm not a very social person. It's just that I need time to process, to think, to understand and to settle my mind. I truly appreciate all the time I spend with other people. But I get a … Continue reading An hour in solitude

Around here – I’ve been away with work

Ok, so I know I promised to get better at posting regularly, but then life happens. All of a sudden I had two weeks packed with work and travels. Whenever that happens I have not been able to post, as I have not had any access to my iMac or images. Well, that's about to … Continue reading Around here – I’ve been away with work

How I stay motivated facing setbacks

setback ˈsɛtbak/ noun a reversal or check in progress."a serious setback for the peace process" synonymes: problem, difficulty, issue, hitch, complication, upset, disappointment, misfortune, mishap, piece of bad luck, unfortunate development, reversal, reverse, reverse of fortune; blow, body blow, knock; stumbling block, hindrance, impediment, obstruction; delay, hold-up, check; informalglitch, hiccup, (double) whammy, kick in the … Continue reading How I stay motivated facing setbacks

Tips on a Tuesday – Sunsets by the Ocean

One of the real perks of photographing back home in Sunnmøre is that you can photograph every kind of landscape here. Mountains, fjords, lakes, woodland, beaches, oceans, rivers and intimate cultural landscapes, they're all within a reasonable distance. Since I grew up among fjords and mountains, that's what I tend to go for. But this … Continue reading Tips on a Tuesday – Sunsets by the Ocean

MonochromeMonday – Mountains oh Mountains

First of all; I hope you all have had a fabolous weekend! I have spent the last week or so looking through some of the images I captured over easter, and today I really wanted to share some monochrome mountains with you guys. I find it rather difficult to shoot in broad daylight, but I … Continue reading MonochromeMonday – Mountains oh Mountains

FamilyFriday – He grows up so fast

Wow, I can't believe how fast he grows. Every day there's something new that he has learned or done that I didn't expect him to do in a long long time. Not because he is developing any faster or is any brighter than the normal kid around the block, but because it's impossible to keep … Continue reading FamilyFriday – He grows up so fast