Tonje Lilleås

Sunset shoot at Savalen – When I walk pt. 12

Yesterday I did my first sunset shoot at Savalen in a very long time. And the first where I didn’t have to stick to the dirt roads and keep close to the cabin in more than two years. It was great.

The anticipation for this shoot was grand. A bit unfair for a single shoot to be honest. And I worked on lowering my expectations of the outcome before heading out. Even if the ExoQuad provides med with the opportunity…

Spring vibes and candid photography – When I walk pt. 11

We had some spring vibes in Hamar this weekend, and I got to bring my camera for some candid photography.
Green week comes to and end
This Saturday marked the end of a week packed with events focusing on everything green in Hamar and the surrounding regions. We’re talking the whole region making a “reduce, reuse, recycle”-themed spring party. And I’m all for it.

One of the highlights of the week was the clothing swap. We had decided to get there early,…

Motivation – or the lack thereof?

To keep motivation for the things we are passionate about doesn’t sound too difficult. Nevertheless I often hear about photographers that find it difficult to get out and shoot. And if you search for “motivation in photography”, the main hits you’ll get is about how to keep motivated or regain motivation as a photographer.

A lot of successful photographers have said that they’ve found it difficult to stay motivated with photography since turning their passion into a job. And I…

Nuances of light – When I walk pt. 10

I see nuances of light everywhere. As I look across the living room, while I’m in the car or when I’m waiting in line at the store. And I often think they would make interesting images. However I don’t always capture them.

As we drove to celebrate Easter with the family a couple of weeks ago, I sat thinking about my sensitivity to light. Not in the “I’m light sensitive, so I have to wear sunglasses” way. But in the…

Just Did It – I’m trying new things

Part of starting over is trying something new, and I just did it. I tried sit skiing for the first time last weekend, and had a blast. Today I want to share why I think trying new things is so important.
You can’t expect different results if you stick to the same way of doing things
The past years I’ve found myself thinking that I don’t understand why I’m not improving different skills. I’ve thought over and over again “I keep…

I’m getting an ExoQuad

I’m getting an ExoQuad. When I asked you and everyone else I know to help me reach my goal of regaining freedom and independence in January, I never dreamed I would be able to say that I’m getting an ExoQuad already.

Now I’ve paid the first installment and it’s official. My ExoQuad will be here before spring turns to summer. It’s going to be a black beauty, and I really can’t wait. With the ExoQuad I’m going to get back…