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Explore locally

I believe everyone should explore locally.

As a child I loved it when my parents took me for minibreaks and trips around our local community. I loved to see all the beautiful nature that was so close to our doorstep, visit new shops and places to eat. I enjoyed watching the landscapes roll by my window as we drove, listening to my parents talk about this and that. Even though we visited the same places more than once, I always found there was something new to discover.

Growing older I travelled further. The year I turned fifteen I went abroad with my friends to attend a summer school. We got to visit Paris, London, Isle of Wight and Bournemouth among other places. Coming from a small village in Norway we felt like true explorers. For some years I travelled every time I had the chance, always trying to explore new places. And even though I really enjoyed seeing new places, I soon found that I preferred packing my hiking gear and exploring local nature.

Deciding to explore locally

Since becoming an adult I have not followed the trend of travelling the world. In fact I haven’t been outside Scandinavia since 2012. It’s not that I don’t dream of visiting a lot of the amazing places that I’ve read about or seen pictures from. It’s just that I want those places to still be there when our grandkids, or even great great grandkids grow up as well. And if I am going to contribute to that being the truth, I can’t fly all over the world.

I have set a few rules for myself to make sure I do what I can to make sure the environment and nature don’t suffer because of our need to explore and experience.

1. I don’t use airplanes unless it’s an emergency

I can get to almost any kind of activity I’d like to fill my days with without stepping into an airplane. I prefer traveling by train whenever I can. Slow traveling gives me an opportunity to rest, listen to music or podcasts and just be. And trains and kids are a perfect match. We can’t keep flying all over the world, and I’ve decided that I can help reduce emissions by cutting my traveling by airplanes to a minimum.

2. I don’t have to see everything live

I dream of Alaska, Canada, Japan, Iceland, the Alps and New Zealand. But I don’t have to visit all those places to see them and know they are amazing. I have seen how polluted areas that become popular with tourists get. The first time I saw the blue smoke from the cruiseships covering the Geirangerfjord, I was horrified. This is a fjord on the UNESCO World Heritage list. We should really take better care if we want to be able to pass it on to our inheritors. So I feel it’s ok not to see everything with my own eyes. And I feel lucky that I’m able to see places through the eyes of locals that make great internet content.

3. I won’t contribute to the Instagram-hyping of locations

I see images on Instagram every day that makes me want to visit all the amazing places around the globe. Problem is that everyone else wants to go there too. And a very big amount of people actually do go somewhere just to be able to take that exact same image they saw on Instagram for themselves. I try to avoid the popular spots for two reasons; I don’t want to contribute to wearing them down and I don’t find it particularly creative.

Exploring locally makes me have to work harder and be more creative. I don’t compete with every other photographer, and I don’t go home with the same images as everyone else. There’s so many amazing locations out there to explore. I say let’s show more diversity in our images by exploring more locally. It will help both our creativity and to preserve the nature we love to shoot.

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    Randi Grethe Skotte

    January 31, 2019

    Veldig flott Tonje !! Gratulerer med flott webside !

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      January 31, 2019

      Tusen takk! Så gøy at du liker det du ser!🤗


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