Tonje Lilleås

Nordic Summer

I have been so fortunate as to be part of Canon Nordics team of creators this summer, creating content that is showcasing our beautiful nordic summer. For a long time I have wanted to test Canons mirrorless camera M50 as a second camera. I’m really happy that they will lend me one as part of the nordic summer project. It will give me an opportunity to do a bit of videography with multiple angles, and being so lightweight I expect I will bring it wherever I go. Therefore you can expect a lot of updates this summer!

Nordic Summer – #24hoursofnorth

We are going to make videos and images that show you the best of summer in the north. It will be posted on Instagram under #24hoursofnorth, so make sure to follow that hashtag. Canon Nordic is going to give us briefs for an interactive film project, and the first one is up today. Everyone can participate in the interactive film project not just the creators selected, so maybe you’d like to submit something yourself? I suggest you follow @canonnordic as well so you don’t miss out on a brief.

Canon Nordic has selected some amazing creators to be part of the team, and I really hope you will show them some love. Look at their images and videos, give the ones you like a heart or leave a comment. If you really like someones style, I’m sure they’ll be very happy if you followed them as well.

Staycation – good for you and the environment

Choosing to spend the summer close to home is easy for me. The nordic summer can be the best there is, when the weather is nice. I can’t think of anything better than being able to go swimming in a fjord after having hiked my favourite mountain in just shorts and a t-shirt. Bonfires and barbecues, walks in the forest, golden hour all night, the list of greatness just goes on.

For the last eight years my wife and I have chosen to spend our vacations in the Nordic. Both because we love it here and because we don’t want to travel by plane and contribute to pollution when we don’t have to. Nordic summer suits our lifestyle (and wallets to be honest), is close to our hearts and staycation is good for planet earth. In addition we have found that staycation is the perfect way to let your shoulders drop and just recharge. I’m sure nordic summer has been made so great because its successor nordic winter can be kind of dark and rough.

However much I believe in staycation and love nordic summer I have to finish with this; I don’t want to shame anyone who is spending this summer travelling the world adding to their milage by airplane. You do you, have a great summer and I’m looking forward to seeing your images and videos from wherever this summer takes you!

I’m going to leave you with some images from my last walk through the local forest and a simple question; Will you follow me on Instagram to see my nordic summer?

Want to see what I was up to last summer? Check out this trip to Lake Fjelltjønna.



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