Tonje Lilleås



I grew up surrounded with amazing nature that had my family exploring locally a lot. I didn't go abroad every year, our travels were often short. However this did not mean that our adventures were small. Today we live in a society were adventures are mainly those where you board a plane. Due to the influence of social media, exploring is synonymous with traveling to remote places on the other side of the globe. Sadly the places aren't that remote anymore. Popular locations are oversaturated with tourists wandering, exploring and documenting it for their social media network to see. I think it's time to remember that there's always more to explore locally. Local adventures will give a more diverse social media feed, that's a bonus. But most importantly exploring locally will help the suffering environment. We leave far less trace exploring locally than we do when traveling the world. We should travel the world less. My aim with this project is to show that the adventures can be just as big and beautiful when you explore locally.

COVID-19 edt. - PREMIERE APRIL 2020/ Due to COVID-19 the plan of production and premieres for the first season of Explore Locally is changed. I look forward to sharing the next episodes of this series as soon as the world gets back to a more normal state. Stay safe and take care.


I want to show that even the smallest local hike can provide magnificent scenes. Through the images in this series, I seek to show people that their own adventures are right outside their doorstep. Where they've been all this time. Just waiting for us to see, that you don't have to travel far to be an explorer.