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All the small adventures

I’m going to tell you about taking a break over the last few weeks. But more excitingly I’m going to tell you about all the small adventures I’ve had with my family so far this Easter. Let’s go!

Plans change yet again

In my last post I promised I would be back the following week with more proper adventure content. And then there was silence. For several reasons I needed a break, mostly because I felt like I had nothing new to share. There’s limits as to how many times I can share stories of our small adventures around our home-town, right? Or at least that’s how I felt a few weeks ago.

My plan was to make a lot of new content over the Easter holiday. We were going to travel to visit my family out west, and I was so looking forward to new surroundings. Not necessarily to have any extreme experiences, but to go on our small adventures somewhere else. Sadly we had to cancel our travel plans due to the pandemic yet again.

Even though we’ve lived with this situation a year now and should be somewhat prepared for a change of plans, we were very disappointed. And as we see “everyone” else posting about their vacation with grandparents, we’ve asked ourselves if we made the right choice. It really doesn’t matter now anyway, we’ve stayed at home and had several small adventures around our local area.

Playgrounds and lakeside bonfires

We’ve explored different locations throughout the last week. Starting wit a few lakeside bonfires. It’s fun to see how everything has gone from winter to spring within the last few days. Where the lake was covered in ice during our first bonfire, there’s now open water and people fishing from the beach.

Buying a lightweight hammock has been in our plans for spring. So we did. And one of the days we brought it with us to Mjøsparken to test it while also exploring the playground there. The boys really enjoyed a more “urban” adventure, and it was nice being around other people.

Up in the trees and on with the skis

This year we’ve invested in season passes for the local climbing park, which opened this week. We had our first day climbing, and I have to say I was crazy impressed with Big Brothers skills. My wife and I took turns climbing with him while the other watched Baby Boy in the kids section. Big Brother went through the green sections like a champ and will be climbing blue sections by the end of the season no doubt.

Easter is time for skiing. However our car broke down mid February and we haven’t been able to bring our skiing gear in the rental. Hence we weren’t sure we were going to be able to get out skiing this Easter. But we figured out a solution and headed out for one last ski trip this season. We didn’t go far though. And most of this small adventure was spent digging a proper base camp in the snow, lighting a fire and making grilled cheese sandwiches on it. A very nice day indeed!

The first signs of spring

We felt finished with winter once the last ski trip was done. And so the following day we packed our backpacks and the carrier for a day in the forest. To our common joy the trail was almost free of ice and snow. We revisited one of our lunch spots from last spring, and really enjoyed feeling like spring was right around the corner when the sun came out and warmed our faces. After lunch we continued the trail and to our amazement came over a spot with several blue anemones blossoming. Maybe spring is even closer than we thought?

The next morning we woke early to a message from the easter bunny. He had been delivering his map to the egg hunt while we were sleeping. The boys were ecstatic. They found all the eggs and everyone was happy to start the day with a few pieces of candy. Even Zelda.

Now what?

We’ll have a few more small adventures over the next few days, and then it’s back to our everyday routine come Tuesday. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to switch out the small adventures around Hamar with new surroundings that inspire more creativity. But I’ll keep on sharing a post every Sunday nonetheless. While adventures are far between I’ll be focusing more on photography and videography tips and tricks. And I’ll throw in a “When I walk” post whenever it’s possible. I hope you’ll stick with me even though there’s mostly small adventures and very little exploring new places. Everything is going to be alright, and when we’re allowed to move around more I look forward to actually being able to make the first season of Explore Locally.

I wish you all a very happy Easter! And remember; there’s always more to explore locally. Even if that’s all you’ve been doing the last year or so. See you next Sunday!


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