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Fabulous Fausadalen – When I walk pt. 4

I’ve shared several images from fabulous Fausadalen before. However this time I wanted to share a few that I caught during a single photowalk this summer.

Is this the first part of the series “When I walk” you’ve read? Check out the very first one to get an idea of how it works.

An hour alone

I love being away with family visiting the people and places I hold dear. Nonetheless I often feel the urge to head out on my own to shoot a few images or just take in nature. Luckily my loved ones show great understanding of this, and I’m often able to get an hour or two alone.

Since our Norwegian summers are blessed with light all through the night, I have to get out late to catch a sunset. At the same time my boys loves to start the day bright and early. And I’m not coping well if I don’t get enough sleep. You see where this is going? Well, I often don’t prioritize sunset when I’m traveling with them. I rather try to make golden hour work, and I love it.

Goats made the scenery

When I first visited Fausadalen as an adult, what hit me was the fact that the landscape wasn’t overgrown. I mean everywhere we go, due to among other things the fact that temperatures are rising, cultural landscapes are overgrown. In Fausadalen however, the cultural landscape was preserved and I fell in love with it. The reason; goats.

Goats are amazing creatures. And one of the reasons for my statement is how they graze without being picky. Leaving a special kind of landscape behind. At preserving the cultural landscape, goats are kings and queens. Goats made the scenery in Fausadalen, and I thank them for it.

You don’t have to travel far

I walked from the summer house down to a viewpoint above the fjord. There’s really no need to walk any further to find interesting images. I find that whenever I head out on a photowalk, with the intent to capture images this way, I see things very differently.

Like the neighboring farm. I could only see it as a farm I pass on my way out to hike. But when I’m out with the camera I see an image worth capturing. Or the swallows on the power lines. They could just be birds on power lines. But on a photowalk they turn into an opportunity to capture something interesting.

From this I gather that so long as you bring a camera along, you don’t have to travel far to be an explorer.

Making the most of it

I’m not sure I captured any keepers on this photowalk. However I did get to enjoy fabulous Fausadalen with my camera. And I got to practice my skills, improve my photographic eye, and breathe.

I think these photowalks mainly are about making the most of what’s present. Making the most of the moments I get with the camera. And with nature. In fabulous Fausadalen.

I hope you enjoyed the images. If you did, please make sure to subscribe to my blog and check me out Instagram! I wish you the very best of weeks to come, and I’ll be back next week with more outdoor photography.



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