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Silent Night – Blogmas Day 23

It’s the night before Christmas here in Norway, and it is truly a silent night. Even if I had to stop Blogmas only 15 days in, I really wanted to make a proper Christmas greeting for you all.

A very special Christmas

We’ve had a very special year, and thus follows a very special Christmas. We know we’re not alone in missing someone at the Christmas dinner table this year. As most of us celebrate without some of our loved ones. Either because they’ve passed or simply because we have to keep our distance this year.

We were lucky enough to have my mum and her husband visiting early in December. And we’re really grateful we did. Over the last few days we’ve been able to meet up with a couple of friends, and it’s been great to catch up with people we care about. Tomorrow we are going to visit my wife’s family, and we’re grateful we get to spend this Christmas with them. So in many ways we’ve been blessed this December. With the possibility of meeting some of the people we care about. I feel a bit nostalgic nonetheless.

Now I’m not a big hugger. But I have to admit that this December I’ve missed being able to hug. I watched “Love Actually” a few nights ago and the opening scene hit me a bit harder this year than it usually does. This Christmas is special in so many ways. And one way I hadn’t given that much thought in advance is the fact that we’re not able to hug the people we care about when we wish them a merry Christmas. Every social situation is a bit more distant this year. And even if that suits me, I do wish I could have hugged the people I care about. I hope we’ll see scenes like the opening scene of “Love Actually” in the airports and train stations around the world again in 2021.

Silent night

Now it is the night before Christmas today. Tomorrow our boys are going to wake up to check if Santa has been here with presents. We’re going to gather around the table, have some good food, open some presents and just have a good time together. It’s going to be great. However just like every year my favorite part of Christmas is this night that I’m enjoying right now.

The night before Christmas is truly the silent night. Where the excitement of what awaits tomorrow feels more like a calm that is hard to find on any other night. We’ve done all our preparations, what’s left will not be done.

I know Christmas isn’t for everyone. I’m aware of how privileged and blessed we are. But I hope that you all will find some moments of joy, serenity or calm this night. This silent night. It doesn’t have to be long or magical or special in any way. But when you do find that moment or those moments, hold on to them. Not in the sense that you try to keep them lasting, it’s not possible. But in the way that you recognize them and hold on to the fact that they happened. And that there will be more of them.

I wish you all a merry and peaceful Christmas!




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