Tonje Lilleås

Summertime cabin life

We’re so lucky to be able to spend time at several different family cabins during our vacations. This weekend we got a taste of summertime cabin life and it was a treat!

Beach life in the mountains

One of our favorite things about the cabin in Savalen is that there’s a lot to do both winter and summer alike. All year around to be fair. And with great temperatures last weekend, we decided to go for some lazy beach days in the mountains.

Now beach life and being in the mountains may sound like something that doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand. But the sandy white beach in Savalen is one of our favorite beaches to visit. It’s amazing for the boys due to the shallow water that runs quite far into the lake. Big Brother is free to investigate a lot more when the water doesn’t get deep as close to the beach, and Baby Boy can walk around more under supervision. Also the sandy beach is the largest sandbox any of them has ever played in, and a couple of spades and buckets will keep them both occupied for hours.

We also got to test the SUP on the lake, and it really is fun to paddle new waters. Seeing the lake from the SUP lets us notice things we haven’t noticed from shore before, and it’s fun looking for fish and stuff from the board. I highly recommend trying a SUP as it is a summer activity for the whole family that is easy to learn and gets enjoyable right away.

Exploring around the cabin

With the very hot weather we weren’t up for long hikes this time around. We just wanted to enjoy some lazy days at the cabin. However with small children you can’t just relax, so we did get around to explore the surroundings close to the cabin.

And I think I have written about the first time I got to follow Big Brother on his explorations of nature surrounding the cabin before. It was magic. And even if I have experienced that magic once before, it’s not less magical with Baby Boy. Their curiosity and way of being enchanted by the smallest details in nature, those we take for granted and don’t even notice, is magical. Everything is made into an adventure, and they couldn’t care less if we don’t make it to a mountain top that day. Curiosity and presence is something we can learn from our children.

Nighttime photoshoots and the presence of mosquitoes

My plan for the weekend was to shoot photos and video after the boys had gone to bed each night. With sunset close to midnight, and sunrise only four hours later, you have to be out late or extremely early to get the good light. And the first night I was. However so was the mosquitoes. Let’s just say I was heavily outnumbered in the battle of the lakeside at sunset. And I did not go home unwounded. As a matter of fact I looked like I had been beaten by something much bigger and stronger than mosquitoes. But I went to bed happy and with some good images captured in my memory card.

In only eight days we are going back to the cabin. This time however we are not going home after, but we’re continuing our vacation road trip west to visit my family and more family cabins. Hoping for less mosquitoes, more adventures, curious explorations and presence. I hope you’ll follow along! If you’d like to, please consider subscribing to my blog and check out my Instagram or YouTube. And remember; there’s always more to explore locally!



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