Tonje Lilleås

Sunset shoot at Savalen – When I walk pt. 12

Yesterday I did my first sunset shoot at Savalen in a very long time. And the first where I didn’t have to stick to the dirt roads and keep close to the cabin in more than two years. It was great.

The anticipation for this shoot was grand. A bit unfair for a single shoot to be honest. And I worked on lowering my expectations of the outcome before heading out. Even if the ExoQuad provides med with the opportunity to get around, I still have to work a location differently now. I’m still not able to crawl around to get every low angle I want, or to jump from tuft to tuft to cross a swamp.

Last night I had to change my planned location due to a stream that had turned into a river that was just too deep for me to cross with the ExoQuad. But that really wasn’t a problem. Because I enjoyed the fact that I was out there during sunset shooting images so much. Even though I had built up the anticipation of this shoot for months, when I was finally out there I stopped caring about results. I was just thankful to be present.

I really couldn’t have dreamed of better conditions. Maybe a few more clouds catching the light, but that’s just being fussy about details. The warm, golden light washed over the landscapes, and I felt how much I’ve missed being out at night. Listening to the birds. Smelling the dirt. Observing the landscape change as sunset drew nearer.

I can’t wait to keep exploring, for my next sunset shoot and to keep enjoying nature. I hope you’ll follow my journey.

All the best,




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