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Visiting the local farm Mattisrud – low key family adventures

We spotted the ad on Facebook and instantly thought; let’s go! Visiting a local farm called Mattisrud was the perfect activity for a low key family adventure.

Baby boys first sheep

We’ve been reading books about farm animals since baby boy was  able to hold his head up. Sheep are by far his favorite animals, followed by dogs in general and Zelda in particular. Zelda however did not get to come along as we went to visit a local farm that had an open day this weekend. They advertised with having both lambs and chickens to pet, and eggs and tomato plants for sale. Pandemic friendly with large areas to spread around on, visiting this farm actually answered all our wishes for a low key family adventure that wasn’t just a hike in the local forest. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, we just wanted to mix it up a little.

Baby boy was way excited when we got out of the car and he heard the sheep. He ran over and started laughing at once when he saw the sweet lambs running around in their field. Happy baby boy met happy baby sheep.

Big brother fell in love with the chickens

The farm had chickens that were only a day old as well as some that were a few weeks old. Big brother was truly fascinated with them both, and sat on a chair watching them poke in the ground for a long time. Mind you, the baby chickens were not poking around in the ground. They were nested safe and sound inside with a heating lamp above. Such cuties it’s no wonder big brother fell totally in love. “They are SO sweet, mum!”

Baby boy was more interested in the rooster, and tried imitating his sounds over and over again. Making animal sounds became a very effective way for him to let us know what he wanted to do next. It’s amazing how much his communication skills has developed over the last couple of weeks. We’ve been lucky to be at home with him while the preschool was in lockdown. We would have missed a lot of these steps he’s taking if we were all busy with normal life.

A walk around the farm

I have to say; it felt really great to do something different than just hiking or biking or exploring the local forest. And Mattisrud had such a beautiful property. With a river running through the fields, surrounded by forest in all directions. Walking around taking in the beauty of the property was probably what us grown ups appreciated the most.

Big brother even found a few swings to test out. And he was really excited about being somewhere new as well. Didn’t want to leave when we packed our stuff, as well as some eggs and tomato plants bought at the farm, into the car. “Can we go back tomorrow, mum?” I think our visit to the local farm was a success.

And that’s just it; we explored a new place in our local area, and it was a true family adventure. You don’t have to travel far to be an explorer. So make sure to get outside and explore your local area as well. Within the local regulations. Stay safe, keep your distance and wash your hands. But don’t forget to live and experience stuff.

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