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Volda sunset views

Tomorrow is the 17th of May (Norwegian Constitution Day), and Norwegian media will be packed with amazing Norwegian landscape images. I got to shoot some Volda sunset views this Easter. The view from my dads street is truly breathtaking. Even though the nature in this part of Sunnmøre is less alpine than where I grew up, it’s not less majestic. I wanted to share the images to wish all my Norwegian readers a great 17th of May, and to encourage people to pay Volda a visit.


Volda is a town of almost 10 000 inhabitants. A fair amount of them are professors and students at Volda University College. A lot of Norwegian journalists have studied here, and Volda has both its own documentary film festival and a great animations community. The place is well worth a visit for those travelling in the area. Should you for instance be into Vikings, you could go check out Viking boats being built at Bjørkedalen. If you prefer more extreme adventures attending the yearly X2 festival is a great option. You could go for an easy, but steep hike to Rotsethornet. Or you could try fishing in either the fjord or the river at Fyrde. Kids will love hanging out at the playground/skatepark/pumptrack/footballfield at Stadionparken. All set for an active visit in other words.

Photographing some Volda sunset views from my dads street

To me Volda is mainly the place where my grandparents on my fathers side lived. When my father remarried he moved back to Volda, therefore I’ve gotten to spend a fair amount of vacation days in the area the last few years as well. My dad now lives in a street that has a great view of the town center as well as the mountains and fjords that surrounds it.

Over Easter I got to shoot some Volda sunset views from my dads street. One of the things I miss the most where I live now is the easy access to great views. Being able to just walk out the door to shoot some nice landscapes after having tucked in the boys. Therefore I appreciate it even more when I’m visiting Sunnmøre where I’m able to do just that.


Sure hope you liked the images. Please check out my portfolio page to see more of my shots. Also I would be very happy if you’d follow me on Instagram and Twitter to make sure you don’t miss out on images to come!




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