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Why I just preordered the Canon R7

I just preordered the Canon R7. I’m ecstatic and can’t wait to get it.

It would have been so easy to write a post about the pros and cons of the camera. About the technical aspects and what I intend to shoot with it. I could follow up by a first impressions post, and then a review a few weeks later. Heck I could even make a “Canon R7 six months after” review as well.

But I’m not that kind of photography blogger. Instead I want to share the reasons why I just preordered the Canon R7.

My gateway to being myself

Whenever I have a camera in my hands I feel like I become my true self. I feel curious, confident and present. It’s as if I can take a step out of the (un)comfortable role that everyone knows me to play, and into something that is more real. More vulnerable.

A few posts ago I wrote about the importance of being vulnerable if you want to create art. But the thing is; I think being vulnerable is important for us just to be ourselves. When vulnerability in many cases proves so difficult, how do we find ways to really be ourselves? We let ourselves be drawn but the strong pull of what we truly love.

So what does all of this have to do with me preordering the Canon R7?

Growing as a creator

“Gear doesn’t matter” they say. “It’s the creator, not the gear that matters,” they say. And if my reason for grabbing my camera to create something is that I feel like myself when I have it in my hands, then they’re probably right. But is it really that simple?

I love shooting both photos and video. If someone was to explain what I do creatively, they probably would describe me as a hobbyist hybrid shooter. Most of the time I shoot landscape/outdoor/adventure stuff, with the occasional street or portrait shoot in between. Even though I print some of my stuff, I mostly share both images and video online. Among millions (maybe billions) of other creators.

Gear won’t make me a better photographer or videographer. However it will help me be able to create the stuff that I come up with. And as I grow as a creator, I need my gear to not keep me from making my ideas a reality.

Why I just preordered the Canon R7

But the real reason why I just preordered the Canon R7 is that I need lighter gear that can perform.

I’ve just spent almost a week alone in the mountains. My plan was to hike a lot, shooting both sunrise and sunset. Create a lot of content. I have before, and it’s been my favorite weeks since I started photographing.
This week has been different. I’ve really had to struggle with the limitations my body sets for me. I’ve only been able to hike once a day, and even had full rest days. I’ve had to be really consistent with my pain killers to be able to do the little creating that I have done. And I’ve had to choose between cameras, drone and tripods when packing my gear, as I haven’t been able to carry the weight of all the gear that I usually bring.
I consider myself an outdoor and landscape photographer. And I still want that to be my main label as a creator. I need my camera gear to be lightweight so I can continue even when my body isn’t cooperating. The R7 seems like the right next step for me.

I can’t wait to share the stuff I create with the R7. And I hope you’ll be around for it. It would be great if you’d consider subscribing to my blog and newsletter. If you like what I do, another thing you could do to show your support is to follow me on Instagram. It would really make me happy. Now get out and explore locally!



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