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Art, bricks, autumn and portraits

It’s about art, bricks, autumn and portraits in this one. Totally random, I know.

I want to share more of the things I’ve come to know about photography and creativity on here. I’m working on an in depth post about street photography for beginners, as well as posts on outdoor portraits and how to use the rule of thirds in landscape photography. However today I just want to share a few images that I’ve shot this fall.

A piece of art

I’m always so happy when someone contacts me through this website, and especially when they want me to photograph something for me. And a couple of months ago I was contacted by an artist that needed images of a commissioned piece he had made.

The task was a new one for me, but I decided I wanted to go for it and deliver images that were both true to my style and gave my client what he asked for.

Now I don’t have a drivers license, and the installation was about an hour away. I had to shoot it through golden hour and well into dusk to make sure I captured the different elements of the piece, and so I figured I would spend the night at some campsite nearby. Only problem was that the campsite had closed for the season, and there was nowhere else that could give me shelter for a night in the area. Luckily my brother in law were willing to drive me there and wait while I spent a few hours shooting. What a guy, right?!

Anyway, capturing the installation was a challenge. I didn’t simply want to document the piece, but the images to show something more and deeper. It’s no understatement to say that I was happy when the artist gave me feedback after finishing the deliverables;

Beautiful images! Great work! Your images are very poetic and nice to look at. They represent what I hope people see in my art.

Flying abroad

We try to travel by other means than plane as we don’t want to contribute with more pollution than necessary, but this fall we got on an airplane and traveled abroad. For me it was the first flight since 2014. And the destination couldn’t have been more exciting for our family: Legoland!

We spent a week in the world of bricks, and long story short it was amazing. One of the really good decisions we made were to rent an apartment instead of staying at a hotel. This gave us much more freedom to do what we need to do to have days that work for us. Both individually and as a family. And a huge bonus was that it was close to a forest with a playground and a short trail for us to explore.

Suddenly Christmas will be here

The past year hasn’t been the easiest for me health wise. This time last year I had just been to the hospital for optical neuritis. As months have passed I’ve slowly come back to my own rhythm and the things I like to do. However, as trusty readers of this blog knows, I’ve been hospitalized again a couple of times this fall. And I really haven’t been able to shoot or create as much as I’ve wanted (and needed).

One thing I have prioritized though, is photographing the boys for our Christmas cards. You see, suddenly Christmas will be here. It’s already mid November! I really like shooting outdoor portraits of the boys, I prefer images where they are in their right element.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back with more valuable how-to-posts soon. If you don’t want to miss out, please consider subscribing to my blog. I’ll also be very happy if you head over to Instagram or Vero and follow be there. I wish you all the best of weeks, and remember; there’s always more to explore locally (even if a short trip out of the country from time to time really can work wonders.)



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