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Autumn moods – amazing foliage and sunset by the lake

As I write this post the leaves have already fallen to the ground, but I reckon it’s not too late to share some autumn moods anyway.

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The amazing foliage

A few weeks ago I decided to head to the family cabin at Savalen in an attempt to capture the amazing autumn foliage as it turned. My wife and the boys joined me for the first few days, and on our way up there we talked about timing. You see I usually have been either too early or too late to actually make the peak of autumn colored foliage in Savalen. This year however it looked like I would be there as it peaked, and I was very excited.

I’ve wondered what it is about the leaves turning that fascinates us so much. After all it’s just foliage in different colors. Turning leaves means seasons changing. They are a reminder that we’re headed for a darker and colder few months, as well as headlines in natures color party to mark the end of summer. And they are such an important part of the autumn moods that I love to capture.

Sunset autumn moods

I had loads of great hikes with heavy camera gear during my stay at Savalen this year. My back and legs were giving me a hard time some days, but I still wanted to get out there more. I just couldn’t get enough, just wanted to soak in the autumn moods as much as possible.

One evening when my legs were shaking from the mornings hike, I had decided to skip shooting sunset. However as I looked out the window it became clear that this would be the best sunset of the week, I simply couldn’t miss it. So I decided to pack light gear and walk to a lake close by the cabin. I wanted to fly the drone, capture a time-lapse with the GoPro and maybe shoot a few images if my body allowed it. And boy am I glad I did.

Because I hadn’t set any expectations or planned any shots, I was really able to just be present. It became one of those evenings out with the camera where I felt like I was just out enjoying nature and happened to have brought a camera with me. I shot whatever caught my attention, but actually had time to relax and enjoy the evening as well. Something to remember the next time I’m heading out.

Hoarfrost next

The last few days there’s been a tiny bit of frost on the ground when we get up in the morning. Between all the autumn moods I like to shoot hoarfrost is my favorite. And I know it might be just around the corner.

I’ll share a few video clips and some drone shots in my post next week, all about drone photography and videography for beginners. For now I hope you enjoyed my autumn moods from Savalen in this post. If you did; please consider subscribing to my blog, and follow me on Instagram. It would really make me happy! And as you’re thinking about how to capture your own autumn moods, remember that there’s always more to explore locally!



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