Tonje Lilleås

Corona Cronichles – Family adventures when preschool is closed

Corona virus has closed down the bigger part of the Norwegian society. My family are not in quarantine. However our preschools and schools are closed. And so we are home with the boys. For the next fourteen days at a minimum. No play dates allowed. It’s just the four of us. And I’m going to share our Corona Chronicles with you.

We can’t travel, but we have to get out every day

As my wife and I sat in the car home from work yesterday, we talked about how we are going to cope with this new situation. It’s not dramatic for us. We are well and healthy. But we are very aware that our country and the entire world is in a serious situation. A crisis to be honest. And we want to make sure we don’t contribute to spreading the virus, while at the same time focusing on making the best out of the situation for our family.

And so, almost simultaneously, me and my wife said to each other; we have to get outside adventuring every day.

We can’t travel anywhere. And we have to make sure we don’t go anywhere where there’s a lot of people. My project of exploring more locally just got very real.

Day one – hike one

It was 11 AM and our schedule said outdoor adventure. Yes, we have a schedule. We have to in order to be able to get in some work, which is demanded of us since we’re not in quarantine, just at home office. And also the schedule is useful to keep the days for our boys as normal as possible.

Enough about the schedule, 11 AM meant outdoor adventure. To one of the local forests. We had great fun, it felt like a normal day off. Only it wasn’t. We didn’t sign the book we usually sign once reaching the top. Better safe than sorry, right? But we had biscuits and raisins and clementines. And felt the sun warm our cheeks. While talking about the one time we were on this hike and met a pig and his owner. They were also out hiking. That story always makes us laugh. And today it made us stop thinking about corona virus.

The rest of the day was spent building legos, playing Super Mario, reading books, singing and playing in the garden. We love that we have the garden these days. Our oldest really wanted to play with the girl next door. We settled with the two of them jumping ropes on different sides of the road. It was kind of sad to watch to be honest.

At the end of the day

Norway is, with good reason, experiencing the most intrusive restrictions from government since the Second World War. It affects everyone. We are trying to make the best out of a tricky and serious situation. Today was good. Once the boys are asleep we can get in a few hours of work. Today was good. And so will the next two weeks be. We just have to get outside on an adventure every day. Tomorrow will be good.

Stay safe.



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