Tonje Lilleås

Corona Chronicles day 2 – Clips from our new normal

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, we are in lockdown due to corona virus. And we wanted to document our days through the Corona Chronicles. You are welcome to join us!

I’ve made a trap to catch the corona virus, mum

Our oldest started the day off making a trap for the corona virus. He is already getting impatient to be able to play with his friends in preschool. He was amazingly cute as he explained how the trap worked. And I felt a bit sad for him. We’re only on day two with these new routines and rules in our lives, it’s not easy to adjust for a five year old.

He understands that we don’t want to get the corona virus. And he says it’s important to help his great grandmothers to stay alive and healthy. However he asked where the corona virus lives today, so I don’t think he understands much of what it’s all about. He washes his hands eagerly though. Have to give him credit for being really good at that.

Corona Chronicles – what is this?

We decided we wanted to document our days, and sharing it means that our family and friends get to share our days with us through this little blog post series we call the Corona Chronicles. How the Corona Chronicles will develop as the days in lock down progress, I don’t know. But I will try to share some images and clips each day.

For now, this is not going to be the highly produced, high quality, planned videos or images. I’m mostly shooting with my M50, and I’m not bringing any stabilization or filters and stuff. I’m just documenting our days as simply as possible.

Day 2- Clips and images

Today was a good day. Tomorrow the forecast says rain, which means we’re putting on our raincoats and boots to go jump puddles. I’m sure it will be another good day. And that is our new normal. Taking one day at a time, and counting only the good ones.




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