Tonje Lilleås

Down to the river

I’m spending the weekend in the place I lived the first 19 years of my life and still to this day call home; Stranda. Inspired by my own focus on run and gun photography, yesterday I brought my camera for a walk down to the river.

Freezing cold river breeze and crisp mountains – I’m once again blown away

When I used to live here I remember the bridge crossing the river being the coldest part of walking to the town center. The sun can’t reach, and the river brings a freezing breeze as it’s making it’s way down to the fjord.

This time last year was all about the hoarfrost for me, however we don’t get hoarfrost around here. The climate is very different from where I live now. The temperatures here rarely reach as low as they do around Mjøsa, however the cold temperatures feel a bit colder here because of the humidity. It’s more raw. More rugged. I don’t know how to describe it, it’s just more. And I love it.

The last few years I’ve heard a lot about the amazing light around lake Mjøsa. And I have to agree with it’s advertisers; it truly is beautiful. However it still isn’t anything like the light of golden hour, sunset and blue hour between the mountains that surround Stranda. The mountains become so crisp and clear, I’m totally blown away. I’ll make sure to capture some images of the mountains later today for you to see what I mean.

With this post I just wanted to wish you all a very happy weekend and share some images from the river; Strandaelva. Get outside and explore the local area this weekend, ok?

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