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Run and gun photography – Four reasons why you should do more of it

I’m all about the planned images, but in this post I give you four reasons why I think you should do more run and gun photography.

1. Developing your photographic eye

Now I love the moment when everything clicks and come together in an image that does my vision justice. It’s such a magical moment, and releases instant joy and satisfaction. Having planned a shot down to the very last detail, it feels like getting your first pay check when you finally know that you have captured the image. however to be able to see the good and interesting compositions, you have to practise seeing. And bringing your camera out for a walk in your local forest or downtown, is a great way of practising.

2. Getting to know your camera

Run and gun photography is a great way of getting to know how your camera works and how to use it to get the look you’re after. I find it’s important to have everything in your fingers once the moment to capture that bucket shot is there. You don’t want to miss the moment because you were trying to figure out how to change the settings or what settings works best for different situations and looks.

3. Getting you out of your comfort zone

It’s a very human trait to want to stick to the kind of photography that you know well and feel that you master. Feeling confident can however make you stay in the same rut and hold you back from challenging yourself. Rund and gun photography is a great way of challenging yourself, and is a way of lowering the bar of trying something different. You might even find new ways of doing things that sparks your passion for photography again. I also think run and gun photography is a great way to get out of a creative rut when you are running low on motivation and ideas.

4. It’s therapeutic

I recently read an article about a Norwegian doctor that recommended photography to help anxiety and depression. Run and gun photography might sound a bit stressful. But if you take into consideration that it’s really just about bringing your camera outside and shooting whatever you find beautiful or interesting, it’s easy to see how it can serve a therapeutic purpose. It helps you get present and out of your head. For many of us I really think it can be a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Why I think you should do more run and gun photography – the video

If you’re still not sure, please check out this video I made on the subject. Through the B-roll I’m bringing you out on a Saturday stroll with my camera, where I’m exploring my local environment. I for sure both got to practise seeing and my camera settings, but most of all had a really nice and relaxing time being present. in my next blogpost I will share the images I shot this evening, so make sure to check back in for that!

I hope you liked this post and the video. If you did, I would really appreciate it if you left a comment down below and gave it a thumbs up. Also consider following me on Instagram for more of my images, and subscribe to my YouTube channel. But most of all; remember that there’s always more to explore locally!



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