Tonje Lilleås

Halloween and horses

Horses and Halloween is the major ingredients of our Saturday this weekend. We really can’t complain.

Horseback-riding with aunty

Our boys are so lucky that they have a grandma with her very own Icelandic horses. And today we’d made a date with grandma and aunty E for the boys to go horseback-riding. Baby Boy loves animals and has no fear for the huge horses. I have to admire how naturally he behaves around them, I’ve always had such respect (read fear) just due to the very size of the majestic animals. He wants to help brushing them and be around them all the time while we’re at the stables.

Big Brother has been eager to go riding as well since he got to test it a few weeks ago as well. He isn’t as eager as his little brother, but enjoys coming to the stables and explore as well as getting to practice his horseback-riding with his aunty.

We managed to fit in a short walk along the river before heading back home to decorate for tonights big event; the family Halloween-party.

Halloween during COVID-19 – it’s about making the best of the situation

Big Brother has spoken of Halloween for weeks, if not months, this year. He’s been looking forward to carve the pumpkins the most I think, and he was a bit concerned I wouldn’t make it back in time to do the carving when I left for a work trip earlier this week. His fears were without reason though, I got back on Thursday and the pumpkins have been carved. Now I have to admit our carving game isn’t of a very intricate kind. After all we haven’t celebrated Halloween for many years.

Some decorations inside our house and in the garden in necessary to get in the right mood. We don’t like to pull out the scariest stuff, the kids being so young and all. But we’ve made some decorations with Big Brother over the last two years, and bought some spiders and stuff as well.

For dinner Big Brother ordered mummy-sausages and green cheese grilled cheese sandwiches. We’ve also made a Halloween brownie, decorated with snakes and miniature brains and skeletons. Lovely. With candy and orange drinks to go along, I think the boys will be happy.

I reckon this Halloween is a bit different for most of us. Very little trick or treating and no big parties. However we decided to make the best of it and try to make this day special even if we couldn’t hang out with friends or family this year around. Like we’ve learned over and over again this year, it’s about making the best of the situation.

Happy Halloween

I hope you have a fun and exciting Halloween even if it’s a bit different! And I’ll be back next week with a post on how to make cinematic videos for Instagram Reels. If you’d like to check out my latest Reels, please check out my Instagram account. Happy Halloween!



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